LUXX Premium English- CEO's Greeting

Published Jul 1, 2024

LUXX Premium English CEO's Greeting


As an educator, I feel a sense of responsibility knowing that while Korea is among the top OECD countries in terms of education, the happiness index of our children is very low. LUXX English aims to be a joyful educational institution for children.


Our hopes and vision for the children at LUXX are threefold:


1. To help children discover that learning English can be enjoyable by balancing ample learning with fun activities.
2. To assist children in achieving their individual dreams through consistent study.
3. To instill in children the awareness that their future can be bright through these activities.


We promise that good parents will come together, children raised under excellent parents with good character will gather, and they will learn in an environment where LUXX's top-notch programs and teachers pursue (Truth: practicing sincere education with a true heart and Loyalty: maintaining abundant love and dedication consistently).


Based on LUXX's curriculum, our children will study happily, achieve their best outcomes, and their precious potential will shine infinitely.


To this end, I will educate, continue to learn, and do my utmost for the parents and children.


Thank you.


Keilen Yun, CEO of LUXX Premium English



LUXX Premium English


LUXX Premium English located in Songpa district of Seoul