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Are you having trouble finding the job you want? Search no more and get job offers by registering your resume. You will get more offers with less effort and stress

Will my contact information be disclosed?
I don't like my personal contact information made public

Receive offers by message only. Contact information is not disclosed unless given permission on your profile.

I'm embarrassed to reveal my resume

You can keep the name of your current job or previous job private.

Accept the offer you like and contact us directly

If you don't like the school that contacted you, simply leave the message 'I am not interested in this school or position.'

Would you like to receive a job offer right now?
Step 1

Register your resume

  • When registering your resume, simply check your personal contact information as private. This step is optional, but don’t worry your information is safe with us.
  • All proposals are made by message only.

Brand your resume. Receive recommendations from more suitable employers

Step 2

Choose Private if you don't want your workplace to be made public.

  • When registering your resume, if you check the job that you do not want to be disclosed, the company name will be hidden.
  • You are free to choose public or private.
  • Don’t worry about your current employer finding out. We will block their name so that you can inform them yourself if you find a new job

Now, get job offers anywhere while doing my job.

Step 3

Talk to the company you like

  • Check out the offer and reply to the company you like.
  • You can check the proposed company and job postings

Don't miss out on great offers from the schools of your dreams.


Is there a difference between individual and corporate membership while signing up?

Yes, there is. If you sign up under corporate, you cannot use the same ID to upload a resume.

Can I change my email ID after membership registration?

Yes, it is possible. Login to your account go to MY Page > Contact Information > Account Email Address > Change.

How can I retrieve a password if I forgot?

Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page and follow the instructions.

How do I register my resume?

You can only register your resume for free after signing up as a member. You can upload/write up to 10 resumes and edit them according to the job you apply for.

Is there any information I must include when registering a resume?

Resumes should be filled out as detailed as possible. Especially because there is a function that connects registered keywords to companies.

Is my resume automatically disclosed to the talent information menu after registration?

No. while registering your resume, if you ‘make my resume and attached files private’ in the visibility status, it does not appear on the talent search information. Only companies you have applied to can open your resume.

If I apply for a job, will my contact information be automatically disclosed?

You can choose the visibility of your contact info in Profile> Contact Information. If you choose ‘Hide your contact information,’ it is hidden. You can only communicate with companies via message.

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