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Our recruitment solutions and options help you find the right job seekers for your company.

Standard Job

  • Job Posting
  • Branding
  • 90 Days Exposure
  • Top Exposure
  • Search Resume
  • SNS Promotion


The most common type of job posting which is suitable for hiring a large number of fields and teachers or for recruiters

  • Buy 1, 3, or 5 job posts
    * 1 Job Post : $50
    * 3 Job Posts : $120
    * 5 Job Posts : $150
  • 90-days visibility
  • When a new job post is registered, your job post will move down the list
  • Unlimited resume submissions
  • Repost your job to bring it back up to the top(1 credit/repost).
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Hot Job

  • Job Posting
  • Branding
  • 7 Days+ Top Exposure
  • 90 Days Exposure
  • Search Resume
  • SNS Promotion


A job post that increases the views by up to 50% or more by boosting exposure by fixing a job post to the top and providing PR

  • Can add more days to the default 7 days
  • Random fixed exposure at the top of the list
  • Job post remains at the top of the jobs list
  • 90 Days exposure on the job list
  • Unlimited resume searches
  • Additional exposure to newsletters, SNS
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Resume Search

  • Resume Search
  • Job Posting
  • Branding


Search directly for teachers and quickly hire the right ones

  • 14 days or 28 days selectable resume search
    14 Days : $55
    28 Days : $90
  • Unlimited resume search
  • Saved resume folder available
  • Direct contact with job seekers
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Compare Our Products

Overview Standard Job Hot Job
Random fixed exposure at the top of the list
90 Days Exposure on the Job List
Immediate exposure after publishing the job post
Unlimited Resume Submissions
Unlimited resume searches
Edit, repost(1credit/repost), and Delete Function
Provide My Page
Provide Employer Branding
Employer Branding Support
Simultaneous exposure to global recruitment sites
SNS Marketing(Social, Newsletter, etc.) support
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How to Get Started

Job Post

You can purchase a Standard Job or a Hot Job post by clicking the Buy Now button. Also, you can purchase all of our products(Standard Job, Hot Job, Resume Search) at a single checkout.

  1. Register an account or log in
  2. Read the description carefully and purchase the most suitable product(Standard Job, Hot Job)
  3. The job post can be registered immediately after the purchase
  4. Register Job post on My Page (Post a Job)
  5. Provide My Purchase, Manage Jobs, Applicant List, etc.
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Resume Search

Find the right teachers more efficiently by using our custom filter to find qualified professionals based on location, education, and more.

  1. Register an account or log into your account
  2. Read the description carefully and purchase the most suitable product(14/28 Days Resume Search)
  3. Resume search and resume viewing are available immediately after purchase
  4. Direct contact with Teachers
  5. Resume saving(Folder) function in My Page
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Is there a difference between individual and corporate membership while signing up?

Yes, there is. If you sign up under corporate, you cannot use the same ID to upload a resume.

Can I change my email ID after membership registration?

Yes, it is possible. Login to your account go to MY Page > Contact Information > Account Email Address > Change.

How can I retrieve a password if I forgot?

Click ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page and follow the instructions.

What are the different types of recruitment products?

Products include hot jobs, standard jobs, talent search, etc., More information on the worknplay product guide page.

What is the difference between hot jobs and standard jobs?

Standard jobs are only exposed on the job listings
In addition to job listings, hot jobs are exposed to other specific areas maximizing all promotional aspects.

Can I purchase job posting and talent search products at the same time?

Yes. You can purchase standard jobs, hot jobs, and talent search at the same time.

Where can I check details for applications or purchased products?

You can check the details on My Page > My Purchase.

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Questions about our products?

Contact us regarding our products or other hiring services.