TheWorknPlay Employer Branding

When teachers are looking for jobs, one of the most important factors for them is the company’s reputation. Employer Branding communicates the company’s identity and ideals to the teachers.

Why Should You Make an Employer Branding Page?

Over 80% of job seekers reported that employers' information and job details are unavailable and unclear.

Teachers want a safe and stable life abroad. Their biggest concern would the accuracy of the information given to them.
Therefore, we need to provide teachers with the information they need and to help communicate with employers

In the age of the internet and unlimited competition, recruitment becomes a tool for a company's promotion and helps secure industry competitiveness.

"War for Talent"

The days are gone when job seekers searched for and appealed to companies, and now the paradigm of recruitment culture has changed to an era in which companies directly find and compete for the job seekers they need.

Employment Stability

Satisfied employees will help boost the company's image. They will help enhance the positive image of your institute without any additional costs.

Reduction of turnover rate and recruitment cost

Employer Branding increases the number of applicants and long-term employment, resulting in a significant reduction in recruitment costs.

Employer Branding is a talent acquisition and retention strategy that makes the company a better place for potential employees while giving existing employees a reason to stay

Beginning of Employer Branding

First, differentiate your company profile from your job posting page. Well-crafted employer information is a great help in securing top talent in the long run by showing the values, purpose, and company culture.

Customized Branding

Establishing employer branding will encourage qualified job seekers to apply and develop with your company.

CEO, Mission, Culture

Give job seekers a better understanding of your organization

Employer Information

Provide teachers with the information they want to know

Job Details

Let teachers know what the job entails and what is expected from them

HR Interview

Give job seekers an overview of what it’s like to work at your organization

Current Teacher Interview

Increase rapport with teachers by providing positive testimonials

Photos and Videos

teachers rely on photos and videos to learn more about the organization

Brand Visibility

Build your online presence and share your story

Start Employer Branding

Start Employer Branding right now! If you have difficulty creating your Employer Branding Page, the TheWorknPlay Match-Up Service can finish your Employer Branding and help hire qualified talent.