No more quarantine: Entry into South Korea made easier

News and Current Hot Issue (1/2) | TheWorknPlay
Published Mar 23, 2022

News and Current Hot Issue (1/2)

Covid and Quarantine updates.

As we adapt to the phase of living with covid, entry into South Korea has been made easier. Fully vaccinated entrees to Korea will be exempt from mandatory quarantine. 


From March 21st, 2022, people vaccinated in Korea and have vaccination records registered in Korea via a public health center are exempted from the mandatory quarantine. 
Registration records are available in the COOV online system.


From April 1st, 2022, people vaccinated abroad or in Korea with or without registered vaccinated records in Korea will be exempt from quarantine.
Vaccination records will be linked to the new Q-CODE online system.


How to register

Input vaccination records into the Q-CODE system prior to departure.
A QR code will be issued through the Q-CODE website.
Scan the QR code upon entry to South Korea.

Only those vaccinated with a minimum of 3 shots with the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization qualify for the exemption. 

PS: This includes the single Jansen shot administered 14 days before departure and within 180days.
All entrees are still subjected to a PCR test taken within 48 hours of departure.
A second PCR test upon arrival.
And a final PCR test on the 7th day after arrival.



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