Altiora CEO's Message

Published Jun 14, 2024




In 2002, envisioning children reading Western classics, grasping authors' thoughts, and engaging in discussions, I opened an English education institution. To realize this vision, I understood the necessity of acquiring English as naturally as one’s mother tongue, dedicating myself to English acquisition education for the past 18 years.


Education is endlessly fascinating because everything is interconnected. To master English acquisition, language comprehension must develop, closely linked to non-cognitive and cognitive abilities. Particularly in early stages, holistic education proves far more effective than specializing in one area. As one learns more about education, the weight of societal duty and responsibility deepens. Educators must embrace this responsibility to truly educate.


Altiora is not just a kindergarten or a play school. Believing education should evolve more deeply than the changing world, Altiora was born to create a new form of educational institution that nurtures the foundation of 21st-century core competencies. With Altiora Education, I earnestly hope our beloved children become leaders in realizing beautiful values and leading the 21st-century world.


Thank you.


Chang Wook Choi, CEO of Altiora 






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