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ESL Lesson Plan Samples (8/8) | Kayla
Published Feb 23, 2022

ESL Lesson Plan Samples (8/8)

The Weather.


▪ Title (Unit): The weather
▪ Grade (Level): Beginner
▪ Lesson Focus: Speaking and listening
▪ Objectives:

1. Students will identify actions and activities

2. Students will have fun and be active while learning.
▪ Key Expressions: How’s the weather? It’s sunny 
▪Keywords: Sunny, Snowy. Rainy, Cloudy, Windy, Stormy, Hot, Cold
▪ Materials: large and small picture cards, yoga mats, worksheet, balls, tape, pens, pencils, computer/tablet, colored pencils/crayons, and cones.


 Procedure Details
Introduction of Content and Language 
Have all the students sit down around the teacher ask them “How are you?”. Ask the students about their names. Introduce the lesson topic/ objective for the day. 

Go over all of the new words and phrases. Introduce the new vocabulary for the day and explain the new phrases.  Practice a little bit with cards and elicit the students to respond using the full phrase.   

Students begin to work with language 
Activity #1 Run to the Picture

Lay one yoga mat under each picture and have another in the center of the room. Tell the students the center is the starting point. Count down from 3-2-1 and have the students yell, “How’s the weather?”. The students have to run to the mat under the picture matching the teacher’s response. Play until students are tired or you feel like they have a good grasp of the vocabulary. 


Activity #2 Drop the Ball Game
Set up upside-down cones or boxes on one side of the room and tape weather pictures to them. Have the small balls prepared on the other side by the students.  One by one the students will ask the teacher, “How’s the weather?”. After you answer the students will run and drop a ball into the correct cone and run back. Play until you have used all the balls or until every student has gone at least three to four times.


Activity #3 Song
How's the Weather Song by Maple Leaf Learning
Play the weather Song here 


Activity #4 Vanishing Card Game 
Show the kids a group of vocabulary cards. Set them all out in front of you and tell the students they will need to remember the cards. Then instruct the students to close their eyes or put their heads down. Remove one of the cards from the set and place it out of sight. Make them guess which card has been removed.


Activity #5 Vocab with Rock, Scissors, Paper
Lay the flashcards in a straight line on the floor. Assign two teams and have them line up at each end of the flashcard line. When you say 'Go' the first member from each team starts to walk from their end of the line, straddling the flashcards, reading the vocabulary out loud as they walk. When the two students meet, they have to Rock, Scissors, Paper, the losing student goes to the back of his/her line and the winning student continues along the flashcard line. The second student from the losing team starts walking and reading the vocabulary until the two students meet and Rock, Scissors, Paper, and so on.

Students internalize and use language 

Activity #6 Card Slap


The students will lay out their set of cards in front of themselves.  They will start with their hands on their head. The teacher will say, 3…2…1 and then have the students yell, “How’s the weather?” and the teacher will answer. The students will slap and grab that card and show it to the teacher. Repeat and play for as long as the students are happy and enjoying themselves.


Activity #7 Draw the Weather Worksheet

Assessments or Other Work Ask the students a question about today’s lesson and after they have answered give them a piece of candy or sticker and let them go out to their guardian.  Make sure the room is cleaned up completely, lights and air conditioner are off and close the door to the room.


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