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ESL Lesson Plan Samples (6/8) | Kayla
Published Feb 23, 2022

ESL Lesson Plan Samples (6/8)


▪ Date: 2022.01.01

▪ Title (Unit): Directions
▪ Grade (Level): Grade 3
▪ Lesson Focus: Speaking, listening, and writing 
▪ Objectives: Students will be able to…give directions from point A to B
▪ Key Expressions: Go right, left, straight / Next to / Between
▪ Materials: PPT, code paper worksheet, whiteboard, a prize for the winner


 Learning Stage Teaching Model Activity



 ◎ Greetings

• How’s it going?
  - Good. / Great. / Not so good. / Not bad.


◎ Review and set up the learning objective

Let’s review the expressions and keywords with PPT.
• Constructing directions.
- ex. Go straight two blocks and turn left at the market.  
• Emphasize using “at the _______” format.
• Review “next to” and “between”
• Students will be expected to answer questions presented to them.

◎ Presentation of the learning sequence

Activity 1. Review sections A-D
Activity 2. Now I Can
Activity 3. Writing Game (Egyptian Code Game)




〔Activity 1〕Review Sections A-D
• Open your books to page (number). Listen to the teacher and follow along in your books. In section ‘A’ please listen to the dialogues and find the locations they are talking about on the CD. Write the corresponding numbers correctly with the locations. 
• In part ‘B’ we will practice listening and reading. You will need to listen to the dialogue and then choose the correct choice. Circle one of the two options in the parentheses. We will listen to each sentence two times.
• Part ‘C’ will be dialogue practice. Look at the pictures and talk about them with your partner. Ask and answer how to get to different places on the map. After everyone has practiced for 4 minutes, we will have volunteers show some examples.
• Part ‘D’ is a writing exercise. Look at the pictures and read the sentences. There are some errors in the underlined parts. Find the errors and write the correct sentences.


〔Activity 2〕Now I can
• On the bottom of the page you will see a map of Jane’s town. She visited two places that day. You need to write the directions from her house to the museum and Kayla’s restaurant. 


〔Activity 3〕Egyptian Code Writing Game
• Let’s play the code writing game.
 1. We will separate into teams of 4.
 2. Two students will have the code paper and two students will be writing on the whiteboard.
 3. When the teacher says ‘go’ the people with the code paper will look at the TV. They will have to check the code and tell the other students what to write.
 4. Once they have completed the code, they raise their boards and points will be awarded based on speed.
 5. Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization are important and necessary to receive points.


◎ Review
• Let’s review the key expressions. 
  - Go straight and turn left.
  - It’s next to the _______________.
  - It’s between the __________ and the ___________.


◎ Guiding for the next class
• We’re going to start lesson 5 next week.




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