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ESL Lesson Plan Samples (5/8) | Kayla
Published Feb 23, 2022

ESL Lesson Plan Samples (5/8)


▪ Date: 2022.01.01

▪ Title (Unit): Opinions
▪ Grade (Level): Middle school
▪ Lesson Focus: Speaking and listening 
▪ Objectives:

1. Students will be able to…Express their own opinions

2. Students will be able to…Agree

3. Disagree with other student’s opinions
▪ Key Expressions: 

1. Do you agree with?

2. Yes, I agree because…

3. No, I disagree because…

▪ Materials: PPT, gap-fill worksheet, bingo board, whiteboard, a prize for the winner


 Procedure Details

Introduction of Content and Language

Describe activities that will introduce students to a new language, or activities that will refresh the language for review.

Time: 10m

1. Greetings: Welcome students to class and ask simple questions about the day.
2. Warm-up Activity
-All the students stand up. Have the teachers make statements which force students to make their own opinion. The teachers will ask questions along with using hand gestures and if they agree with the statement given, they will remain standing. If they disagree, they will sit down. This process will be repeated multiple times to get students engaged in the new vocabulary.   
3. Introduction of material. PPT slides defining keywords and expressions.  

Students begin to work with the language.

Time: 10-15m

1. The teacher will present PPT slides with dialogue. 
The PPT will show images and videos along with text so that the students are able to grasp the material. (Ex: Image of Kimchi is shown with the statement ‘Kimchi tastes so good!’ and teachers use the target language to express if they agree or disagree, followed by answering why they agree or disagree). We will then ask a few students if they agree or disagree with the same question the teacher has just answered. 
2. After multiple slides of different images and questions, students will be given a gap-fill worksheet similar to what was practiced on the PPT to work on individually.

Students internalize/master and use language

Describe the activities that show how students will use language to communicate with peers or how students will use reviewed language to communicate with their peers

Time: 15-20m

1. Opinion Bingo- Students will receive a bingo board with opinionated statements in the boxes. They will have to move around the classroom and find students who agree or disagree with the statements and have those students circle the agree/disagree symbols in the box and sign that particular box. The First-person to get a Bingo yells ‘BINGO’ and the game is over.  
2. Once student yells BINGO they have to present to the rest of the class the people on their board and their corresponding statement.  
Assessment / Extension Activities / Home fun

Assign any additional work that assesses or reinforces the students’ mastery of the lesson objectives.
Time: 5m

1. Before students leave the room, they are asked a question by the teachers. They have to respond with their opinion.  If they are unable to respond they move to the back of the line and if they are able to answer they are able to leave the class.  


▪ Anticipated Problems and Solutions
Have time left over at the end. (Solution: play short video clips and ask their opinions on them)
Students argue amongst each because of differing opinions (make sure to explain during presentation how everyone is entitled to their own different opinions.)




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