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ESL Lesson Plan Samples (3/8) | Kayla
Published Feb 23, 2022

ESL Lesson Plan Samples (3/8)

What do you want to be? 


▪ Date: 2022.01.01
▪ Title (Unit): Lesson 1 – What do you want to be when you grow up?
▪ Grade (Level): All levels, Grade 1 and 2
▪ Lesson Focus: speaking and listening
▪ Objectives:   
1. Students will be able to talk about what they went to be in the future.
2. Students will describe different jobs and their roles.
▪ Key Expressions: 
1. I want to be …, because …
2. He/She is a [job title]. Her/His job is to [job role].
▪Materials: Small whiteboards (or blank sheets of A4 paper) for team drawings.


Procedure Details
Introduction of Content and Language 
(Time: 00:00
Show some pictures of different jobs and ask students what they want to do after they graduate, and why. Ask how about being a teacher? Introduce some job roles before introducing the job name. Check the understanding of all the introduced job names.
Choose a student to randomly select one of the jobs, and explain why they want to do that job in the future. Repeat with a few more students.


Students begin to work with language 
(Time: 00:00)

Classroom discussion. Ask students what they think the best-paid jobs are. What are the pros and cons of these jobs? Ask about the most dangerous jobs in the world? Show movie clip “Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in America”. Talk about the pros and cons of some of these jobs.
Students internalize and use language 
(Time: 00:00)
Play Taboo. Arrange the class into three or four teams, each with a team captain. In turn, the team captains come to the front and describe five jobs in English (without using 3 specified words). If their team gets the right answer, they get a point. If any other team gets it right, no one scores. If needed, repeat with another set of team captains.

Extra Time Activity

(Time: 00:00)

Ask students what they think the best job in the world is. Show some slides of “dream jobs”. Discuss the pros and cons of these jobs. Ask what students think is the worst job in the world. Show some slides of “worst jobs. Ask students in their teams to design and draw a dream job and a worst job. They can then present these to the class. If time, all the teams can vote to find the best dream job.
OR: For lower-level classes, skip the Taboo game and spend more time on this activity.

▪Anticipated Problems & Solutions
Many students at this school may have the same job in mind after school. So, we can talk about dreams and bad jobs to elicit more different answers.



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