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ESL Lesson Plan Samples (2/8) | Kayla
Published Feb 23, 2022

ESL Lesson Plan Samples (2/8)

 Worlds Foods

▪ Date: 2022.01.01
▪ Title (Unit): Lesson 1 – World Foods
▪ Grade (Level): Grade 1
▪ Lesson Focus: World foods and ordering at a restaurant
▪ Objectives:   
 1. Students will be able to identify different world foods
 2. Students will be familiar with dialogue to order at restaurants
▪ Key Expressions: 
 1. May I take your order?
 2. How much is it?
 3. Yes, I’ll have_________ 
▪ Keywords: taste, find out, look for, cart, hotdog, pretzel, beaver, tail, real, flat, thick, crowded, stick, insect, even, starfish, yummy
▪ Materials: PowerPoint, Grade 1 Textbook, Comprehension Worksheet, A4 Paper

Procedure Details
Time: 15mins
Greet the students and ask them how they are doing. Introduce today’s topic: “World Food”. Pass out the worksheets for students to make English to Hangeul translations. The translations will be for all of the new vocabularies.  Go through PowerPoint exhibiting the new vocabulary, as well as, new and different world food that the students are unaware of. During the PowerPoint, it is essential to present the new dialogue as well.  Elicit dialogue from students when presenting new food.
Procedure   Details
Time: 10-12mins
Open the textbooks to page(number). Begin reading “The World’s Street Food”.  Have the students read one sentence at a time followed by the next student doing the same. Continue in that manner until the entire story has been read.  Once the students have finished reading the teacher will read the story back to them. This makes sure that they are able to check the pronunciation and rhythm of the story.  
Give the students a quick True/False worksheet after reading the story to make sure that they have interpreted it fully and correctly.
Procedure ‌ Details
Time: 10-12mins
Have students create their own menu. They will work in groups of 3-4 during this section. They will have 10 minutes to create a menu. They will choose 5 items that were taught to them during the lesson.  They can choose other food items that are not in the lesson, but can only use one Korean dish on their menu.  

Once their menu is complete they will go around to other groups and place their orders. The teacher will present the students with example dialogue on the board so that they can resort back to it for help.

‌ Procedure ‌ Procedure
Assessments or Other Work

(Time: N/A )

If there is extra time, each group will present the orders that they have taken from the other groups. This will be a good way to practice and to teach more new dialogue. Example: What did he order? He(name) ordered the pizza and French fries.

▪ Anticipated Problems & Solutions: 

-The students are having more trouble than expected with the dialogue
Solution: Spend more time on the dialogue instead of doing the True/False worksheet.
-Students are unable to create a proper menu because their English level is too low.
Solution: Make the groups before class has begun so that every group has a high, medium, and low-level student.




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