Making a Paper Airplane_Lesson Plan

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Published Feb 23, 2022

ESL Lesson Plan Samples (1/8)

Making a Paper Airplane Lesson Plan 

▪ Date: 2022.01.01
▪ Title (Unit): Lesson 1 – Making a Paper Airplane
▪ Grade (Level): Grade 1
▪ Objectives:  Be able to use new English vocabulary as well as give instructions.
▪ Key Expressions: 
1. First….Second…..Third
2. Fold in half.
3. How far can you throw it?
4. Who is the winner?
▪ Materials: 
1. Worksheets for explanations
2. PPT explaining the key vocabulary.
3. Extra A4 paper for paper airplane construction
4. Pen/pencil, markers to decorate their planes  


 Step  Procedure  Materials
  Main activity

 Activity 1: Welcome students to class and put them into their specific teams. Present the PPT explaining today’s activities.  This will also cover the key vocabulary and expressions. (10 minutes)

Activity 2: Work together as a class to create some sample and model paper airplanes.  This will help the students learn different techniques as well as work together as a team. (10 minutes)

Activity 3: Now all of the teams will have ten minutes to create their own paper airplanes.  They will receive three sheets of A4 paper.  They can only create three different planes.  They will have to vote on the plane they believe has the best design. They will also need to write down instructions on how they created their airplane. (15 minutes)

Activity 4:  There will be different events to test out the paper airplanes. Teams will take turns testing accuracy and distances.  The team with the best overall scores from both events is the champion!(5 minutes)

 PPT, A4 Paper, Worksheet, Pencils





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