Entry restrictions for South Africans lifted.

Covid and Quarantine updates (2/2) | Jane
Published Feb 8, 2022

Covid and Quarantine updates (2/2)

As of February 4th, the Korean government lifted all the entry restrictions for some countries, including South Africa.
South African Nationals entering Korea with a long-term visa, will undergo the following process.


Submit a PCR test: Tested 48 hours before traveling.
Domestic test: PCR Testing upon arrival.
Quarantine: If you have accommodations, then you can quarantine in your residence for 7 days.


However, people traveling on a short-term visa will have to quarantine in a government facility at their own cost.
Once you are in Korea, some of the main domestic measures are as follows, regardless of the vaccination status:


1. Compulsory facemask in indoor and outdoor public areas
2. Gatherings are limited to 6 people max.
3. Most facilities operate until 9:00 pm, including restaurants.
4. Any event has a limit of 50 people.




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