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E-2 Visa for ESL teachers (7/7) | Jane
Published Jan 19, 2022

E-2 Visa for ESL teachers (7/7)

(D-4, D-2, D-10) to E-2

If you are currently on a D-2 (student visa) or a D-10 (job-seeking visa) you can prepare the necessary documents and visit the immigration office. However, you are not eligible if you have stayed abroad for more than 3 months on a D-series visa.


How to apply
(Visitation Only)
1. Qualifications (All ①, ②, ③ requirements must be met)
A person who is legally holding a D-4 (language training), D-2 (student visa) or a D-10 (job-seeking visa) 
A person who meets all E-2 visa qualifications  
A holder of a concluded and signed contract by the employer and representatives of the institution. 

Required documents 

  • Application form
  • Passport and foreigner residency card
  • Employment contract 
  • Degree or career certificates
  • Documents related to the establishment of the facility (business registration, academy establishment certificate, real estate registration, etc.)
  • A criminal record
  • Physical health examination (sealed)

Application fee

  • Fee (130,000won)


  • Information provided to the applicant upon visitation

Attached find the general application form



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