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E-2 Visa for ESL teachers (5/7) | Jane
Published Jan 19, 2022

E-2 Visa for ESL teachers (5/7)

Extension of stay in Korea


If the instructor wants to renew a contract with the company, they must apply for ‘permission to extend the period of stay.’ The application must be before the foreigner registration card expiry date. Please keep in mind that the issuance duration is about 2~3 weeks. 


How to apply 
Extension of stay application can be done online or by visitation. In the case of online 
applications, Instructors can apply after signing up as a member in HiKorea.   

1) E-Application: https://www.hikorea.go.kr/cvlappl/CvlapplStep1.pt#this
① Process: Apply> Pay service charge> Receive> Processing
2) Reserving an appointment: https://www.hikorea.go.kr/resv/ResvIntroR.pt
① Process: Reserve an appointment >Visit the immigration office or its branch office at the reserved date> Apply> Receive> Process
3) Process time: varies depending on the application method, evaluation necessity, or the number of applications submitted.  


Required documents

  • Application form
  • Passport and foreigner residency card
  • Original and copy of employment contract 
  • Documents related to the establishment of the facility 
  • Business registration certificate
  • Academy establishment certificate (for applicable persons)
  • Earned income taxation document
  • Documents with proof of residence (e.g., house contract)
  • Current status of students and syllabus.  

Application fee

  • Online: 50,000won
  • Visit: 60,000won


  • Online: 10 days ~ 2 months (approx.)
  • Visit: Information provided to the applicant upon visitation

Attached find the general application form



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