E-2 Medical check

E-2 Visa for ESL teachers (3/7) | Jane
Published Jan 19, 2022

E-2 Visa for ESL teachers (3/7)

E2 Medical Check


Physical health extermination is required for foreign residency registration and registration with the office of education. Therefore, it should be conducted as soon as possible after arrival and completion of the quarantine period.  
This examination can only be performed at the Ministry of Justice designated hospital. Any other 
hospital results will be rejected by the immigration, and you will be subjected to a re-examination. 
Please confirm with the hospital you wish to visit in advance. Please confirm the hospital’s 
Submission documents and schedule in advance to avoid any setbacks.   
Ministry of Justice designated hospitals 2021

How to get a health check-up
Visit any Ministry of Justice designated hospital
Request a physical examination for E-2 Visa.


Required documents

  • Passport 
  • 3 passport photos 

Examination fee

  • 70,000~ 130,000 won (for more than 2 copies additional of 1,000~5,000 won per copy)


  • 3 ~7 days

1. Examinations results must include a general physical examination and BPE Test (drug test) 
2. check if you need a reservation before visiting.  
3. At least 3 copies of the examination results are required. (Immigration office, Office of Education, Employer.) 
4. Examination results must be requested and submitted sealed. Unsealed results will be rejected automatically.  
5. Other preparations

  • NO food intake at least 8 hours before the examination (recommended just drink water)  

Attached find an E-2medical check form



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