E-2 Visa issuance Process

E-2 Visa for ESL teachers (2/7) | Jane
Published Jan 19, 2022

E-2 Visa for ESL teachers (2/7)

E-2 Visa issuance process


Like any other country in the world, you must obtain a visa to enter and stay in Korea. It is 
therefore, Importance to understand the documents and procedures necessary for visa issuance. If 
you have all your, prepared; it will take about 1~2months. (Might be longer due to delays caused 
by covid-19)


How to apply

Visa issuance number 
With the documents sent by the applicant, the employer will apply for a visa issuance number at the immigration office in Korea. The applicant will visit the Korean Embassy in their country to complete the visa application. 


Required documents
① Resume
② Passport copy 
③ Passport photos (3pieces)
④ Employment contract (3copies)
⑤ Certificate of education background. Choose one of the following (copy of degree certificate, certificate of degree acquisition, and certificate of graduation containing proof of degree acquisition)
       *Confirmation of Apostille or consular confirmation for the diplomatic mission abroad.   
       *In the case of a domestic degree, un-apostilled copies of degree certificates are allowed. 
       *Exemption for previous publicly verified documents. 
⑥ Apostilled criminal background record. issued within 6 months. (Must include record from across the country)
        *Confirmation of Apostille or consular confirmation for the diplomatic mission abroad.
        * Must be issued within 6 months. 
        *Exemption for previous publicly verified documents. (Only if you re-apply within 3 months of departure.            If the date of entry exceeds 3 months, you have to submit a new record.)
Names of major national criminal certificates and issuing agencies. 
The U.S.A - FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation): identity history summary check/criminal record (FBI-approved channeler, state) must include criminal history across all the states.  
*Apostille Agency: 
Canada – RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police): a national repository of a criminal record.
*Apostille Agency: Korean consulate or embassy
England – Home office police: criminal records bureau, disclosure Scotland, access Northern Ireland, ACPO criminal record office: basic disclosure, ACPO criminal records office authentic document. 
*Apostille Agency: foreign & commonwealth office (FCO)
Australia – AFP (Australia federal police): standard disclosure, national police certificate 
*Apostille agency: department of foreign affairs and trade
South Africa – (South African police service): clearance certificate
*Apostille Agency: department of international relations and cooperation (DIRCO)
Ireland – national police of the Republic of Ireland: police certificate
*Apostille Agency: department of foreign affairs 
New Zealand – Ministry of justice: criminal record
*Apostille Agency: department of internal affairs. 

⑦ Self-Health certificate.
Example of a self-health certificate

Application fee:

  • The domestic fees are covered by the employer


  • 1~2 months (approx.)

Visa issuance eligible countries

The United States of America
New Zealand
South Africa

Attached find an E-2 self health statement 



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