Living with an ESL teacher salary in Korea

ESL Education (1/3) | Lynzie
Published Jan 18, 2022

ESL Education (1/3)

Living with an ESL teacher salary in Korea


With all the benefits awarded depending on the contract, teachers can save approx. $1,000 per month. Let’s do a little breakdown including expenditure. Keep in mind every country will be different due to differences in taxation.

Example: Jane/ American/ Single/ Entry level. 


Salary and taxes: in Korean Won

 Category  Deductubles  Monthly Annual  
 Income    2.000.000  24.000.000
   Tax   200.000  2.400.000
 National pension  90.000  1.080.000
 Health insurance  69.000  838.800
 Total  359.000  4.318.800
Income after tax   1.640.100 19.681.200
Severance pay     2.000.000
Return lump sum     2.160.000
  Total   23.841.200

Monthly expenditure: This might vary depending on your activities.

 Income after tax    1.640.100 19.681.200 
  Utilities   100.000  1.200.000
 Movies  10.000  120.000
 Travel  50.000  600.000
 Take out/eating out  200.000  100.000
 Snacks/coffee  100.000  1.200.000
Groceries 200.000 2.400.000
Transportation 50.000 600.000
Total   660.000 7.920.000
Total savings   980.000 11.071.200

How to become an ESL teacher in Korea.

Qualifications and requirements for ESL Instructors
There are basic qualifications for teaching English in Korea and specific qualifications depending on the institute. The basic qualifications align with Korean Government’s basic requirements to acquire an E-2 visa. 



  • A citizen of the 7 English-speaking countries (U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, and South Africa. 
  • Holds a Bachelors’ degree from an accredited university. 
  • Apostille national-level criminal record. (Issued within 6 months)
  • Clean self-health check/drug test.


ESL Teacher


Hi my name is Lynzie. I am an ESL teacher at an English Academy in Samseong area. Lets get to know and share what it is like teaching and living in Korea.