Embark Recruiting's Assurances and Guidelines for Teachers

Embark Recruiting
Published Jun 29, 2022

Embark Recruiting’s Assurances and Guidelines for Teachers


This page specifies the rights and responsibilities that Embark Recruiting and native English Teachers should have. (i)First, declaring that both sides are responsible for complying with national laws or regulations. 


Embark Recruiting promotes school and recruitment information provided by employers through global recruitment sites and social media sites. Then (ii) recommends the most suitable position by collecting qualification requirements and the working conditions from the candidates.


Embark Recruiting strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information but is not responsible for screening or reviewing the legitimacy of the employer's school and employment information and resume, the integrity, accuracy of the list, and the ability of the employer to provide a job opportunity for the candidate. However, if the information provided is incorrect, please contact embarkrecruitinhhr1@gmail.com immediately and we will correct it.


Our Responsibility for Teachers

Embark Recruiting is a Native Teacher Recruitment Agency operated in Seoul, South Korea (2F, 92 Seocho-daero 42-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (06649) with legal operating permission from the government. 


  • We recommend Teachers only to schools that operate legally in Korea and not to unauthorized groups or personal tutors.
  • We provide resumes to employers according to established regulations, but we never disclose contact information in advance without personal consent.
  • We recommend the best employer based on the resume information and interviews provided.
  • We never use your resume for anything other than recruitment.
  • We do not make any financial demands on the Teacher to prepare a resume or recommend employment.
  • We can provide advice or support for employers' breach of contract or illegal treatment at the request of the Teacher.


The Responsibility of a Teacher

A native teacher refers to a person who is legally qualified to work according to the laws of the Republic of Korea and acts in accordance with the following provisions.


  • The Teacher must have a notarized and apostilled bachelor's degree and an apostilled criminal background check issued no later than six months before applying for the visa.
  • After entering Korea, the Teacher must pass a physical examination (including a drug test) at a hospital designated by the Korean government.
  • The Teacher is responsible for the correct and up-to-date information in writing the online application and the Teacher is responsible for the registered information.
  • The Teacher must notify Embark Recruiting of the results of that interview. When an employment contract is given directly to the Teacher by the school Embark Recruiting must be notified and provided the contract.
  • Teachers do not apply directly to schools with the information provided by Embark Recruiting.


Embark Recruiting Services for Teachers

Another goal of our company is to ensure that we retain a continuous and beneficial relationship with the Teachers to make sure they are leading a happy and stable life.


  • Airport pick-up when entering Korea (a well-trained and kind driver is on standby and guided to the destination)
  • Consulting on Work and Life in Korea (Cultural Differences, Life Convenience)
  • Guidance and support for foreign communities depending on your region
  • Travel and cultural experience in Korea (currently suspended due to COVID-19)
  • Our Coffechat community activities to demonstrate professionalism as a native speaker
  • Birthday, holiday, gifts, etc 

Embark Recruiting

Embark Recruiting

Embark Recruiting

With over 20 years of experience in the ESL industry, Embark Recruiting has partnered with major schools like Creverse, YBM, SLP, JLS, POLY and more to provide them with quality teachers. Our team is honest, hardworking, and determined to help qualified teachers make meaningful matches with schools. As you apply to the jobs below, please let us know your desired locations and working preferences so that we can do our best to consult you accordingly. We have listed the current openings, but we work with these schools all over Korea. If you are interested in a specific program please let us know and we can find your preferred location!