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RISE Korea is a partner of RISE Global, a leading brand in the global premium English education market, headquartered in the United States, with operations in over 150 cities worldwide, including China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia. We educate millions of children to become future global leaders. The passion for education among our students and parents is unparalleled worldwide.


We strive to provide the best possible environment for children to excel, with excellent teachers possessing outstanding abilities and qualities, as well as top-class educational facilities in all aspects.


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RISE Guri is a campus directly managed by RISE Korea Headquarter, located in Guri, suburban city located near the Seoul Metropolitan area.


Guri in Gyeonggi Province is a suburban city located near the Seoul metropolitan area, making it highly desirable for residential living due to its proximity to the Seoul city center.


Also Korea boasts well-developed transportation systems such as roads and airplanes, allowing easy access to beaches, skiing, trekking, and travel to countries like China and Japan within 1-2 hours.


RISE Korea Guri Curriculum/Program 


We offer a premium curriculum-based English and leadership training program for children aged 5 to 13. Our program focuses on English language development (reading, writing, listening, speaking), subject-based knowledge (e.g., mathematics, science, social studies), and fostering higher-order thinking skills. We utilize HMH (the largest textbook publisher in the United States), widely used in the U.S., to promote these aspects. This program is recognized by Harvard University professors for its educational curriculum.

1) RISE Kindergarten (Years of 5-7)
Emphasizes overall language development, critical thinking, and creative expression through our unique teaching methods and immersive environment. It is a play-based program where students learn new topics through conversations and theme projects. 

2) RISE Elementary (Years of 8-13)
Is an inductive, student-centered, and inquiry-based learning. Students who are starting English for the first time can learn English step by step through a scientifically designed Premier Course, and students who have been learning English for a long time can develop the same level of English skills as native-speaking English children of the same age through the Honors Course.






The RISE Approach to Building English Language Learner's 21st Century Skills. See more



Leadership & Members



Barry O' Callaghan, CEO of RISE Education

Barry O' Callaghan is a visionary in the world of education. He has been working at the education industry for the past 25 years, and first established RISE Korea in 2014. See more



David Moon, the Head of R&D and Recruiting

Interview with David Moon. See more




Teachers are very important in representing the excellence of a school. All our teachers are either experienced professionals in their teaching fields or possess deep passion and ideals, even if they lack experience. 


All matters related to the qualifications and working conditions of our teachers, as well as recruitment, are managed by HQ. The related tasks are conducted through Derek at Embark Recruiting, a specialized agency for recruiting native English teachers in Korea.

Therefore, individuals can find our job postings through RISE Korea's recruitment advertisements or via Embark Recruiting.


1. Teacher Support


Support and Guidance from our Headquarter Offices: RISE Korea offers support from the HQ offices starting from interviewing, to training, to onboarding, and beyond. We are always ready and available to help out teachers manage any obstacle that comes in their way.

Comprehensive Training Programs: We offer comprehensive training programs for our teachers, covering not only teaching methodologies but also classroom management techniques, cultural sensitivity training, and ongoing professional development opportunities.

Opportunities for Career Advancement: We provide opportunities for career advancement and professional growth within our organization. Whether it's through promotion to leadership roles, specialization in a particular subject area, or participation in a curriculum development program, we support our teachers in achieving their career goals and advancing their careers.

Structured Curriculum and Lesson Plans: We provide teachers with structured curriculum frameworks and lesson plans to guide their teaching and ensure consistency across classrooms. This allows teachers to focus on delivering high-quality instruction and engaging learning experiences without having to spend excessive time on curriculum development.

Modern Facilities and Resources: Our schools are equipped with modern facilities and resources to support effective teaching and learning. This includes multimedia classrooms, interactive whiteboards, computers, internet access, libraries, and other educational materials that enhance the teaching and learning experience.

2. Salary & Benefit

At RISE HQ, we adhere to the Korean Labor Standards Act and are committed to providing competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits to our employees. We prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our team members and strive to ensure that they are fairly compensated and supported in their roles. Here's what you can expect as a valued member of our team:


Competitive Compensation : We present a salary package that competes favorably, aligning with your experience and qualifications.

Housing Support : To ease the burden of accommodation expenses in South Korea, we extend housing assistance in the form of provided housing or a housing allowance.

Social Insurance : According to regulations set forth by Korean law, we enroll in the four major insurance programs.

Severance Package : Bonus paid upon the completion of employment (minimum 1-year contract).

PTO (Paid Time Off) : Enjoy paid vacation days and holidays, synchronized with the academic calendar of the school.

Airfare Reimbursement : RISE facilitates your journey by reimbursing the costs associated with your entry into South Korea.


3. Requirements

RISE teachers are expected to have detailed knowledge not only of the developmental characteristics and learning needs of the students they teach but also of their personalities and identities as individuals. To achieve this, genuine empathy and technical skills are required to meet the diverse individual learning and demands of students from different language, cultural, and educational backgrounds.

Additionally, teachers should encourage students to cultivate a love for learning, explore ideas, and discover their own world. They should focus on understanding, creativity, and critical thinking, actively encouraging student participation in class so that they can work with confidence alongside others.

Furthermore, they must comply with visa and work permit conditions under South Korean law:


  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Authenticated degree certificate and criminal record check
  • Good physical health

4. Recruitment Process and Application Method for Teachers:


Considering that it typically takes 2-3 months to obtain a Korean visa, applicants should prepare accordingly. Our semesters usually start in March, and we hire 100-200 teachers annually across our 50 branches, with ongoing recruitment due to expansion and vacancies, allowing applicants to apply at any time.

Korean work permits are usually granted for 1-2 years with a fixed contract period, but the school values continuity, preferring long-term employment through contract renewal. Additionally, we assist adventurous teachers seeking more cultural experiences by facilitating transfers to various locations within Korea.

Meanwhile, recruitment for RISE Korea is conducted through Derek, a recruitment specialist from Embark Recruiting, a dedicated agency for hiring Korean native English teachers. As an American married to a Korean, Derek brings diverse teaching experiences from public schools, academies, and a kind, affectionate personality to assist with interviews, recruitment negotiations, and immigration processes until joining us.




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ESL Teacher Wanted at RISE Guri

You will be a homeroom teacher for our Kindergarten students and teach a few elementary classes in the afternoon. Follow the premade curriculum, but also use your creativity and imagination to make the classes more fun and enjoyable for the students. Responsibilities Overview • Conduct classes as scheduled • Prepare materials for classes • Student assessment and reporting • Communicate and cooperate with classroom teacher, co-teacher, and administration • Attend meetings, workshops, and special events required by the institute. Requirements • Be citizens of the following countries: U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa • Have all required documents (apostilled nationwide criminal background check and an apostilled diploma from a 4-year accredited university). • Have a clean self-medical health check.

Korea, Republic of > Gyeonggi-do > Guri-si
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92 Galmaesunhwan-ro, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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With well-developed highways and transportation networks, Guri offers easy accessibility, while its mix of industrial complexes and residential areas provides diverse living environments. Additionally, abundant natural surroundings and a variety of cultural facilities make it an appealing destination catering to various tastes.


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