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Creverse is an education service company with premium brands for K-12 students: Creverse Institute, April Institute, and i-Garten. Each offers its own distinctive curriculum, which is developed in-house and integrated with Smart Learning solutions to cultivate 21st century talents in the age of digitalization and globalization.


Globally, CDL's ESL thinking content and Smart Classroom solution have opened up doors to countries far beyond Asia. In addition, CMS Edu, a subsidiary of CDL, has dominated the Korean STEM market with its creativity-based math program, and now is shifting its vision to the global market.






Why Work with Us?



Korea No. 1 English Education
It is listed on the stock market and operated a global branch in the U.S.

200+ Campuses Across Korea
There are campuses in all regions of Korea, so it is possible to choose the region and teaching level you want.

Systematic education & training support
No teaching experience or certification, just passion for education required.

Digital and New Age Learning
Textbooks are no longer used in our classes and are replaced by tablet computers for all students and teachers.












 COVID-19 Quarantine 
Creverse will host you in a government-approved hotel for the 10-14 days of quarantine, with no cost to you. You will be given specific instructions for arrival and quarantine procedures once you have signed a contract. 


Our Branches
Do you want a dynamic lifestyle in the bustle of the city or a leisurely one in the secluded countryside? We have 200 branches in Korea, so you can choose where you want. Korea is not a very large country, and the transportation systems are so good that you can enjoy the activities and places you want, such as the beach, skiing, hiking, etc., all within 2-3 hours of your location.

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Creverse is a renowned education company who strives to provide the best English education for students from pre-kindergarten up to middle school. Creverse has developed in-house curriculum and an integrated online platform for teachers to create and share lesson ideas and media with other branches all over Korea. At Creverse, programs are broken up into three levels according to age level; Creverse Institute, April, and i-Garten.


You will teach students basic English from phonics to short sentence structures using games, songs, and dance. You will guide students through arts and crafts activities and teach them how to interact with virtual worlds, cultures, and characters using integrated augmented reality.

 * Teaching Age: Kindergarten
 * Students Per Class: 8-12 students
 * Prep Hour: 4pm-6pm
 * Working Hours: 9am-6pm (M-F)
 * Teaching Hours: 30 hours per week




April Institute is for those in kindergarten to elementary school grade 6 and is based on developing convergence and expression through integrated subjects. You will teach project-based classes and encourage students to be creative through various media projects. Cultures, and characters using integrated augmented reality.

 * Teaching Age: Elementary
* Students Per Class: 8-12 students
* Prep Hour: 1pm-2pm
* Working Hours: 1pm-9pm (M-F)
* Teaching Hours: 35 hours per week




"Creverse 4.0: Project Class “Creverse 4.0 has been conducting ESL project-based learning classes (PBL) through templates based on the Design Thinking methodology to foster creative, convergent talents. 

 * Teaching Age: Grade 4 to Grade 8
* Students Per Class: 8-12 students
* Prep Hour: 2pm-4pm
* Working Hours: 2pm-10pm (M-F)
* Teaching Hours: 30 hours per week







CREVERSE Recruiting System

From new applicants to veteran instructors, we aim to bring you content of our educational platform in Korea and beyond as well as our unique instructor experiences.




CREVERSE prides itself in our instructors. As we utilize a unique smart platform pedagogy for classroom instruction, we expect the best instructors who view their experience with us as more than just a teaching job.

All candidates are thoroughly screened based on their qualifications. CREVERSE does not discriminate based on race, gender, or religion. We solely focus on securing the best instructors through our extensive screening, interview, and training process. Once a candidate has passed pre-screening, a recruiter will reach out and set up an interview which will include teaching and reading exercises.
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All candidates who passed the interview and are accepted to a location must attend and pass a 5-day intensive training program in order to become a certified CREVERSE instructor. The program will consist of learning the unique CREVERSE methodology including our smart-learning platform. Our CREVERSE-certified trainers will be in charge of training all new instructors. The morning sessions will consist of mock lessons and evaluations and the afternoons will include study sessions with your training group and training managers.






Salary & Benefits


Our salaries and benefits are competitive enough for organizations that run businesses like ours. And we offer a variety of opportunities for teachers to become part of our family and develop within the organization.
We provide a combination of benefits such as housing and flight tickets, and the four major insurances, depending on the role and experience of the teacher. Details of each role-specific package are provided to candidates invited to interview.






A Day in the Life of a Creverse Teacher

The first bowling tournament of Creverse teachers was held at a bowling alley. More programs for teachers will be held in the future. :)


Riley teacher of April English who radiates positive energy is professional hobbyist.
Let's meet the weekday and weekend routines of Riley(April Dongnae branch teacher) who loves Busan so much.


Creverse teacher, Erin is busy everyday with non-face-to-face class, home-cock life and working out with a mask on, etc. 
Let's take a look at Erin's wise daily routine together!


Exercise hard, play hard, teach harder! Enjoy Eric(Creverse  Gwanggyo Branch teacher)'s weekday and weekends Vlog.




Creverse Learning Teacher Recognition

Jack McGowan
State University of New York


Joseph Rogers
The City University of New York


Ruby Kim
Southern Methodist University




ESL Teaching Positions in Korea for Creverse HQ

Creverse recognizes outstanding and inspiring teachers are the most valuable resource in providing students with an excellent education. Their teachers are ambitious in their student’s learning and put students first in everything they do. They have the highest aspirations for the achievement and development of their students in the classroom and through the many co-curricular and extracurricular activities offered. Teachers actively promote the mission and vision of Creverse through passionate and full participation in school life and supportive engagement with students, peers, and parents. If you would like to know more about Creverse, please check out the Creverse Company Profile. The Advantages of Being a Creverse Teacher: All teachers are encouraged to apply, regardless of teaching experience Provided with a systematic curriculum Trained as a Creverse teacher Supported for daily life in Korea Select the desired age group: Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School Select the desired region (over 180 branches nationwide) Year-round hiring Candidate Qualifications Be a native English speaker E-2 visa sponsorship from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa is available Hold a minimum bachelor's degree from an accredited university in one of the above countries Have a clean national criminal record with Apostille or Notarization from the Korean Embassy (depending on the country) F-visa holders are encouraged to apply Working Conditions i-Garten: 20 Branches Student Age Group: Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten Students Per Class: 8-12 students Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Curriculum: Curriculum and lesson plans provided April Institute: 115 Branches Student Age Group: Kindergarten - Elementary Students Per Class: 8-12 students Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 1:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. Curriculum: Curriculum and lesson plans provided CDI: 108 Branches Student Age Group: Elementary – Middle School Students Per Class: 8-12 students Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 2:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. Curriculum: Curriculum and lesson plans provided Recruitment Process Click apply now on the job post Interview with an Embark Recruiting recruiter Make a 30-second to 1-minute self-introduction video Interview with Creverse HR team Receive a job offer and sign a contract Instructor training Start your Creverse teaching career

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Chungdahm Learning becomes Creverse
Chungdahm Learning becomes Creverse

Chungdahm Learning becomes Creverse. Chungdahm Learning is a company that was established in 1998 and has already established more than 200 branches a

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