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Creverse has been a premium leader in the English education market in Korea for the past 20 years.

We are working to develop a curriculum and build an educational environment for a new era of digital transformation by launching smart classes, and become a global edu-tech company on a metaverse-based education platform so that anyone around the world can use our services and contents.


We value diversity and cooperation in working together for a common goal, and our core values are the standards according to which people at CREVERSE think, decide, and act. As we imagine, communicate, and write our own stories, we are forging a path for cultivating 21st-century talents who will lead the future.

What's Unique


 Listed Stock Company Korean Campuses Native Teacher Standardized Education System
Listed on the Korean stock market, and is evaluated not only through internal audits but also through external audits.  Total 180 Campuses all over Korea - Korea's biggest English Eduaction Institute.

 Native Teachers in every campuses all over Korea.

- Total 1,500 native teachers

A systematic and standardized educational system through recruitment, teacher training, and a smart integrated learning system

To become a Creverse teacher, all candidates must attend and pass an intensive 5-day training program. (Curriculum Blog)


What we do

Creverse is an education service company with premium brands for K-12 students: Chungdahm Institute, April Institute, and i-Garten.

Each offers its own distinctive curriculum, which is developed in-house and integrated with Smart Learning solutions to cultivate 21st century talents in the age of digitalization and globalization.

Globally, Creverse's ESL thinking content and Smart Classroom solution have opened up doors to countries far beyond Asia.


Like CREVERSE' mission to "Discover Capabilities, Discover Life", we do our best to cultivate 21st-century talent with the following abilities.


  • Comprehensive Thinking: Synthesize various pieces of information and express personal opinions about the content
  • Alternative Thinking: Present new ideas based on imagination to solve problems
  • Analytical Thinking: Analyze text to understand its structure and the information presented
  • Imaginative Thinking: Associate and interpret images, understand and empathize from various perspectives
  • Linguistic Thinking: Understand the structure of language
  • Sensory Thinking: Performance-based thinking through chanting, singing, and acting

Creverse Curriculum/Program

At CREVERSE, we provide unique programs based in critical and creative thinking, and cognitive language development.

We use a combination of online learning and Smart classroom with the use of different class subject to expand students' educational knowledge.

  • i-Garten (Age 3-6)

i-Garten classes include basic English, phonics, art, math, creative-thinking, and active learning.  Once a concept is introduced, students learn through hands-on activities such as games and activities, songs, dance, role-play, and project-based classes. i-Garten students are also introduced to Artificial and Virtual Realities (AR/VR) and encouraged to build their imaginations.


  • April Institute (Age 5-Grade 6)

April Institute classes cover phonics, critical reading, projects, presentations, debate, essay writing, and TOEFL test preparation. Students discuss topics with their teachers and develop their own ideas and thoughts through critical thinking. April Institute students utilize the Smart Classroom technology which gives students access to curated multimedia content, digital books, and online activities.


  • Chungdahm Institute (Grades 4-12)

Chungdahm Learning classes focus on short stories, reading summaries, paragraph writing, essay writing, public speaking, discussion and debate, and projects. Higher level English topics include debate and rebuttal, research, current issues, academic debates, and iBT preparation. Creverse students are encouraged to combine their language, knowledge, and thinking skills together to prepare to be global leaders as they pursue further education.


Leadership & Members







Creverse prides itself in our teachers. As we utilize a unique smart platform pedagogy for classroom instruction, we expect the best teachers who view their experience with us as more than just a teaching job.

All candidates are thoroughly screened based on their qualifications. CREVERSE does not discriminate based on race, gender, or religion. We solely focus on securing the best teachers through our extensive screening, interview, and training process. Once a candidate has passed pre-screening, a recruiter will reach out and set up an interview which will include teaching and reading exercises. 


CREVERSE Inside: Instructor Spotlight
An insight into the point of view of our teachers regarding our unique tech-based curriculum, award-winning methodology, and the enriching experience of teaching the best students in Korea!



1. Teacher Support


 Support and Guidance  Creverse provides comprehensive support from interviews to training, onboarding, and even retirement to ensure a fantastic and stable teaching journey in Korea.
 Standardized Curriculum  We provide a consistent educational system across all campuses with a standardized curriculum and teaching methods. Significant R&D investments are made in developing these curricula and teaching methods. Most importantly, we provide an environment where teachers can focus solely on teaching.
 Modern Facilities and Resources  Although our schools are spread across the country, they are located in areas where education, culture, and commerce are concentrated. We are equipped with modern facilities and resources, including multimedia classrooms, interactive whiteboards, computers, internet access, libraries, and other educational materials that enhance the teaching and learning experience.
 Career Development Opportunities  Our organization employs thousands in leadership, R&D, and teaching roles, supporting everyone in achieving their goals and advancing their careers through various pathways.


2. Salary & Benefit


We strive to ensure that our teachers receive fair compensation and support for their roles. We offer competitive salary packages and benefits, including housing and airfare, based on the teacher's experience and qualifications.


3. Qualifications for Teacher Recruitment


We welcome teachers who have a deep passion and ideals, and an understanding of different cultures, even if they lack teaching qualifications or experience.


Our standardized curriculum and teaching methods allow even inexperienced teachers to adapt easily. We provide extensive support in developing teachers' skills through initial training and ongoing professional development.


Specific qualifications are as follows:


  • Native English speakers from seven countries (USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa)
  • Applicants with exceptional English proficiency and a valid visa, even if not from the seven countries
  • A bachelor's degree or higher
  • Notarized degree and criminal background check
  • Good physical health
  • At least one year of work experience


4. Recruitment Process and Application Method for Teachers

Creverse has over 200 schools across Korea, teaching various age groups from kindergarten to middle school, and hires hundreds of teachers each year. Refer to our job postings to choose your preferred location and teaching level, or our hiring team can provide consultation to match you with the right position.

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ESL Teaching Positions in Korea for Creverse

Creverse recognizes that exceptional and inspiring teachers are the most valuable asset in providing students with an excellent education. Their teachers are ambitious in fostering student learning and prioritize students in all aspects of their work. They have high aspirations for the achievement and development of their students in the classroom and various co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Teachers actively embody the mission and vision of Creverse through passionate and wholehearted participation in school life, fostering engagement with students, peers, and parents. If you would like to know more about Creverse, please check out the Creverse Company Profile. Embark Recruiting is currently seeking teachers to work at Creverse schools. Our recruiters strive to align working conditions with the preferences of both teachers and schools. If you wish to learn more about Creverse, please refer to the Creverse Company Profile. For additional information about Embark Recruiting, please visit the Embark Recruiting Profile. The Advantages of Being a Creverse Teacher Open to all applicants, regardless of teaching experience. Access to a well-designed, systematic curriculum. Comprehensive training as a Creverse teacher. Support for adapting to daily life in Korea. Opportunity to choose your preferred age group: Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School. Flexible location preferences with over 180 branches nationwide. Year-round hiring for teaching positions. Candidate Qualifications Be a native English speaker E-2 visa sponsorship from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa is available Hold a minimum bachelor's degree from an accredited university in one of the above countries Have a clean national criminal record with Apostille or Notarization from the Korean Embassy (depending on the country) F-visa holders are encouraged to apply Working Conditions i-Garten: 20 Branches Student Age Group: Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Students Per Class: 8-12 students Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Curriculum: Curriculum and lesson plans provided April: 115 Branches Student Age Group: Kindergarten & Elementary Students Per Class: 8-12 students Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 1:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. Curriculum: Curriculum and lesson plans provided CDI: 108 Branches Student Age Group: Elementary & Middle School Students Per Class: 8-12 students Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 2:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. Curriculum: Curriculum and lesson plans provided Currently Hiring Branches i-Garten(HQ) : Jamsil i-Garten(Franchise) : Sejong, Dongtan, Chungdahm April(HQ) : Nowon Junggye, Bundang Immae April(Franchise) : Cheonan, Bucheon, Yongin, Gangnam Daechi CDI(HQ): Mokdong, Seocho, Bundang, Daechi, Pyeongchon, Songpa, Ilsan CDI(Franchise): Seodaemun ,Ilsan Hwajeong Recruitment Process Click apply now on the job post Interview with an Embark Recruiting recruiter Make a 30-second to 1-minute self-introduction video Interview with Creverse HR team Receive a job offer and sign a contract Instructor training Start your Creverse teaching career

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Chungdahm Learning becomes Creverse
Chungdahm Learning becomes Creverse

Chungdahm Learning becomes Creverse. Chungdahm Learning is a company that was established in 1998 and has already established more than 200 branches a


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