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Yeungdeungpo SLP (SLP 영등포점)

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Sogang Language Program SLP was originally founded 50 years ago by Sogang University, in an effort to change the conventional methods of having students simply memorize, or test in English. At SLP, no matter the environment, our dream and purpose is to have our students to think, dream, and express themselves in English. We will continuously strive to build excellence both academically, and non-academically in any individual.


  1. At SLP, we encourage education to allow one to be socially responsible by teaching traits such as respect, morality, dignity and equality
  2. At SLP, through our English education, we allow you not to be restricted by language, cultural, or background barriers.
  3. At SLP, through our Infusion Learning Curriculum, you will be able to creatively, and freely express yourself in English
  4. At SLP, we focus on individual traits rather than academics, thus we make sure fundamental traits such as kindness are embedded
  5. SLP will continue to research and develop to provide you with a better-service curriculum each time.


Infusion Learning


We pursue the curriculum known as 'Infusion Learning'. We live in an era where we cannot simply say one is talented because he/she is fluent in English. Now, we also require critical thinking and creative thinking, and from this, we must be able to express ourselves clearly in English. 


Infusion Learning is divided into three components:



Infusion Learning originates from a certified method, and a scientifically proven method, by Russian cognitive psychologist Lev Vygotsky. However, we do require a perfect synergy of talented instructors, proactive students and a healthy environment for a perfect infusion learning system.



 "Think, Act and Dream in English"


The Completion of true English competence is prepared with both social and academic English abilities


Our Yeungdeungpo Campus



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