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About Us

At Little Fox our goal is to make learning English fun. That's why we create highly engaging, animated stories written just for children, to encourage them to read. As students watch our animated stories, they quickly build vocabulary and fluency in a natural and authentic way. Each story comes with its own printable book and downloadable MP3, and we continually add content to our site by publishing a new story each day, from Monday to Friday. The Little Fox site currently features about 3,400 animated stories, 300 animated songs, and 200 educational games.


We currently have 5 native English-speaking teachers working at our academy.




We have three courses that are broken down into four levels each. Each course takes two years to complete and each level takes six months. 


Core Course Educational Goals:


  • An animation that weaves core English patterns into a fun story to increase interest in English and enable continuous English learning
  • Look at patterns and basic conversation stories, speak in sentences, and answer questions
  • Understanding sentence structure through pattern-making exercise
  • Building the foundation of reading by learning Alphabet → Phonics → Phonics Story
  • Start writing pattern sentences, write pattern sentences, and write appropriate answers to questions

Development Course Educational Goals:


  • Animation stimulates imagination by combining everyday life and fantasy, and animation stimulates intellectual curiosity by combining realistic information and knowledge, expands the learning area, and improves the accuracy of English usage.
  • Hear stories on a variety of topics and genres to understand key content and details
  • Coherently answer questions related to the content of the story in full sentences
  • Concentrate on reading the story, then visualize and structure what you read.
  • Write grammatical sentences and write short texts on various pictures and topics

Expansion Course Educational Goals:


  • Expand background knowledge and diversity of English vocabulary through stories on various topics such as history, characters, nature, science, and current affairs, and allow you to write or express your thoughts logically
  • Understanding and summarizing texts as fast as 150 characters per minute
  • In-depth study, discussion, and presentation of specialized topics in a field
  • Quickly read a long text to understand the context, and organize details by reading it thoroughly
  • From brainstorming to systematic essay writing practice
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263 Dongtansunhwan-daero, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea