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GKI was established back in 1995 holding up the catch phrase “To English, To the world, To the future” in the hope of giving our children, who will take the leading part in the future society, the most efficient and fastest English education.
The 21st century being a global information-oriented and international society, English has become an international language. This requires us to enhance our English ability to the level of the native speaker. Looking back at our past educational environments, this is not easy. However, at GKI we are proud that our effort to make a better English-learning environment has eventually paid off.
We promise that GKI will do its best to keep on taking the leading role in English education in Korea


Our programs

Learning a foreign language is a lifelong process that requires constant self-learning. The way to maximize the learning effect while minimizing trials and errors is to improve self-learning ability. Under the EFL environment in Korea, students are introduced to English in a welcoming environment with story books, textbooks, and multimedia. GKI provides an ESL situational education environment to students to maximize the effect of English education.


Our schools’ programs range from project activities for kindergarten, to intensive improvement of speaking, reading, listening and writing English. 
The academic program is with less burden and abundant interest at levels suitable for each student.


Who we want to work with


GKI does its best in hiring good teachers and developing a better program. The reliability of the teachers and the program is absolute in the EFL environment, and they are the origin of education.
GKI program is designed to encourage children to think, express, and search in English all without losing an interest in the language
We always welcome a teacher who has enthusiasm for teaching, outgoing personality, and a willingness to cooperate.
All classrooms have a flat screen TV and Google cast. The teachers are assigned tablets to use in the classroom to assist both the teacher and student daily. Multimedia tools will enhance the teacher’s ability to educate and connect with the students for a more effective teaching.

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English teacher for GKI Songpa

1. Role and Responsibilities: You will be responsible for • Kindergarten and Elementary Students assistant teacher. • Create activities for fun day. • Grade students and write reports for parents. 2. Candidate Qualifications: • Must be citizens of the following countries: U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa. • Must have all required documents (apostilled nationwide criminal background check and an apostilled diploma from a 4-year accredited university. • A clean self-medical health check. 3. Working Conditions Working hours are described as the time you need to be present at the school. Teaching hours are the active amount of time you will be conducting classes or activities. • Working Hours: 10:00 – 7:40 M, W, F : 10:00 – 5:10 T, Th • Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week

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