EiE Seodaemun Language Institute

EiE Seodaemun Language Institute

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About Us

At EiE, we strive to help students build their self-confidence, critical thinking, and logic skills in English and we specifically focus on helping students with language fluency and accuracy to help them become critical thinkers of this generation.



EiE's Mission and Vision 

KOREA ENP Corp. is a company that focuses on people-centered management philosophy under the educational concept of "teaching the truth" and the motto of "bigger family, company walking together."


We pursue a new way of English education that is different from the English education so far, by utilizing English programs and contents that have developed by Korea University's International Language Institute, the nation's top language institute, based on its abundant educational experience and know-how over the past few decades.


We offer self-learning habit formation programs through various online and offline integrated contents in small groups therefore students can obtain overall communication skills which is the ultimate goal of language education. KOREA ENP Corp. will lead English education in Korea so that our students can freely express their opinions in English.




Our Curriculum 

Developed by a team of professors at Korea University's International Language Institute, the EiE English Education Program provides step-by-step learning programs focusing on improving communication skills. Our curriculum offered includes phonics, vocabulary, presentation and debate.



Grade Levels

1. Elementary (Grades 1-6)

2. Middle School (Grades 7-12)



Our Programs

1. Elementary (Grades 1-6): Leaders Course

An In-depth Process Based on Output through Integrated Education. The courses offered include presentation, vocabulary, speaking and writing, idiom, grammar.


2. Middle School (Grades 7-12): MEC Course

Middle School English helps students to improve overall English skills with speaking and writing-oriented learning. The courses offered include online research for background information, presentation, discussion, activities, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Advanced courses for discussion and essay writing are also provided. The courses offered include topic discussion, debate, and writing for discussion and research.




Our campus is located in Seodaemun-gu near Muakjae subway station.  Not far from the campus, there is a large park called Ansan park.  Here, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities all throughout the year!  There is also a bus that runs to Hongdae from Muakjae station that only takes 20 minutes!  In Hongdae and the surrounding area, you can enjoy a variety of restaurants, shopping, unique cafes, and explore the energetic nightlife!



Who We're Looking For

Basic Qualifications:

EiE would love to work with you! EiE is looking for the following candidates:

  • 4 year Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university
  • Must have both an apostilled diploma and criminal background check from the last 6 months READY TO GO
  • F-series Visa holders and Native Korean citizens fluent in English are free to apply!
  • Candidates with Teaching Certificates and/or previous teaching experience preferred


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353-8 Tongil-ro, Hongje 1(il)-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea