DUX Dongtan Branch

DUX Dongtan Branch

Company Type
Academic Systems
Elementary to Middle School (G1-G7/8)
Korea, Republic of > Gyeonggi-do > Hwaseong-si

Dux Dongtan is looking for an experienced English Instructor.


Dux Dongtan has earned its fame for well-renowned English Academy for the most brainees in the town since the school open in 2021 with its main headquarter located in one of the most affluent parts of Seoul, South Korea. The curriculum is rigorous which the high reputation orginates from among the market.


Each student is required to take an entrance exam and one-on-one interview with a native teacher before being admitted. The teachers are held to the highest stadards of skills in Literature and Essay writings.


Starting Date: April 3rd (Contract starts from the training week from March 27th)


Working Hours: 14:00-21:30 Mon-Fri


Salary : 2.3 to 2.9 (based on your qualifications and expereince)


C&B : One room studion in center of Dongtan or housing allowance 400,000

           Medical Insurance

           National Pension


           VIsa grant arrangement

           Severance Payment

           Paid Vacation


Holidays and Vacations : paid Summer and Winter

                                           public holidays


Company Type
FT/PT] Dux Dongtan,Hwaseong-si,Kyunggi

Dux Dongtan is looking for experienced English teachers ; 1.Full Time Dux teaching position in Dongtan ,Hwaseong-si,Kyunggi-do Starting Date : Negotiable (May8th preferred) Contract starts including a week of training and preparation time 2. PT or FT in Aug Position : Literature Drama for summer camp /PT a week of Traning and full time position available in Sep Visa Type E2 Visa, F Visa Education Level Bachelor's Degree Career Level Preference at least a year of experience in ESL Language School in South Korea Student Type Elementaty G1 to G7 Middle School School Subject Literature/Non-Literature Essay Writing Issue Debate Presentation Grammar -Working Hours : 14:00-21:30 Monday to Friday (13:30 Meeting once or biweekly)

Korea, Republic of > Gyeonggi-do > Hwaseong-si
Any Time

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