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About Us

Daechi Elite Prep School (DEPS) is an academy dedicated to teaching students to perform at a high-level of English fluency and to prepare them for higher education abroad.  Our school motto is ELITE, which stands for: 

E: Elevated Curriculum- We provide a quality and high-level education for all of our students

L: Leveled Set- We provide different levels that is appropriate for every level of language learning

I: Intensive- We focus on what students need most and the pratical elements of language

T: Test Preparation- We help our students prepare for entrance exams at every level

E: English Environment- We have a talented group of bilingual teachers that are able to help our students learn more effectively


Mission and Vision

Our mission at DEPS is to inspire our students to learn and become talented individuals who seek higher education facilities in English.  We teach our students that having fun while learning is one of the most important tools that they can have.  We also like them to learn English naturally like it was their native language so they are able to study a variety of topics in English.


Grade Levels 

  1. Elementary (Grades 1-6)

  2. Middle School (Grades 7-9)

  3. High School (Grades 10-12)


Our Programs 

     At DEPS, we implement an American style curriculum in order to best prepare our students for entering higher education in the USA or other Western countries.  We focus on the Common Core State Standards to make sure that our students are on the right track to success. 

  1. Our elementary program focuses mainly on providing the foundations of language learning within our students.  We have built an English language enviornment in order to foster natural learning.  Our students go through our regular English program where they study a variety of subjects in English
  2. Our middle school program starts to focus more on advanced topics such as test prep and TOEFL.  Students in middle school participate in classes such as debate, essay writing, and reading comprehension in order to prepare them for the high school entrance exams.
  3. Our high school program focuses mainly on the English that students will be using when studying at a university abroad.  Students take classes such as: debate, essay writing, casual and formal conversation, SAT prep, and TOEFL.  At this stage, we are helping our students prepare for their college entrance exams and for life in an English speaking country. 



DEPS' campus is located near Daechi station right in the middle of the Gangnam district!  In the area there are a vareity of restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy before or after classes!  If you are looking for somewhere to enoy your weekends, Gangnam station is definitely the place to go!  The area is known for having a variety of restaurants and shops and has a great nightlife scene.  If you are looking for a relaxing day outdoors, Han river park is only 15 minutes away from DEPS by bus. 



Who We’re Looking For

Daechi Elite Prep School would love to work with you!  DEPS is currently looking for the following candidates:

We are not currently hiring candidates outside of Korea


 F Series Visa holders

  • We are currently accepting F-4 visa holders at this time

  • Must have a business level fluency in Korean and a native level fluency in English

  • Must have your diploma and criminal background check, with apostilles READY TO GO

  • Previous teaching experience is highly preferred


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9-5 Seolleung-ro 76-gil, Daechi 4(sa)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea