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Badminton School, founded in 1858 by Mrs. Miriam Badock in the United Kingdom, aimed to provide girls with equal educational opportunities as their brothers, emphasizing the importance of education for women.


Badminton embraces a spirit of inclusivity, welcoming students of all backgrounds. The school's radical heritage, akin to pioneering Oxbridge colleges for women, fosters a culture of boldness and support. Embracing internationalism from its inception, Badminton welcomed students from abroad, offering a broad curriculum and emphasizing co-curricular activities, particularly in sports, uncommon for girls at the time.


Badminton School Korea is the first international branch of Badminton School, which originated in the UK. It will open as a co-educational institution, not an all-girls school, with plans to launch a primary school in August 2024 and a secondary school in August 2025.




At Badminton School Korea, we believe in a well-rounded education where knowledge and skills connect across subjects. Our expert teachers specialize in their fields, fostering a deep understanding within each discipline. 


 Core Focus on Literacy and Numeracy Literacy and mathematical skills are foundational to a child's success. We place a strong emphasis on these areas, tailoring our math instruction to meet individual needs while keeping students in mixed groups for other subjects.
Exploring the World and Languages We spark curiosity through Geography, Science, and History lessons that explore how our world functions. Our language program introduces students to a variety of languages, providing a strong foundation for future language learning. 
 Technology and Creativity  ICT lessons equip students with essential digital skills and encourage them to use technology across their learning. Purpose-built classrooms allow for hands-on exploration of Art and Design Technology, with plenty of opportunities for students to showcase their work. 
 Music and Physical Development Music holds a special place in our school. Students start instrumental lessons early and everyone participates in enriching choir and hymn practice. Our PE program offers a wide variety of activities. Students take full advantage of our excellent on-site facilities. 


The vision of Badminton School Korea is to prepare primary students to thrive in a dynamic global society, fostering adaptability and resilience. We strive to achieve our vision by reflecting the following values;
 Respect and Integrity  We foster a culture built on mutual respect, tolerance, and unwavering integrity.
 Curiosity and Engagement  We encourage students to push boundaries, embrace curiosity, and actively participate in all aspects of school life.
 Inclusive Community  We prioritize inclusivity grounded in accountability and support, creating a vibrant community where everyone belongs.
 Joyful Learning  Fun is at the heart of our approach, making learning a joyful and fulfilling experience.


Coming Soon (August, 2025)




Co-Curricular Activities


  • Arts: We prioritize fostering a vibrant artistic environment, providing well-equipped spaces for students to explore various creative expressions. From abstract art to sculpture, photography, and more, students have access to resources and inspiration. Our annual Art Exhibitions celebrate students' creative achievements, offering a platform for recognition and sharing artistic journeys with the school community.


  • Music: We foster a vibrant artistic environment with well-equipped spaces for creative exploration. Students can delve into various artistic mediums and showcase their work at our annual Art Exhibitions, celebrating their achievements and sharing their artistic journeys with the community.


  • Sports: We prioritize creating a vibrant artistic environment with dedicated workshops and classrooms to nurture students' creative talents. Our diverse arts program offers resources and inspiration for various mediums, while our annual Art Exhibitions celebrate students' achievements and provide a platform for recognition within the school community. Sports classes include; Badminton, Basketball, Fencing, Soccer, Tennis, Track N Field, Volleyball, Baseball, Fitness.


Academic Calender



Please note that this is the academic calendar of our school and it is subject to change based on circumstances.







Leadership & Members


Heidi Welch, Head of Prep School of Badminton 

Heidi Welch's Welcome Interview





At Badminton School Korea, we believe in building a vibrant school community driven by ambition and a shared vision for excellence. Our warm, inspiring, and welcoming environment encourages a team-oriented approach where staff members at all levels work together to nurture the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students.

We understand that every role within our school, from educators to support staff, is critical to student success. We seek experienced and talented individuals dedicated to shaping young lives. In return, Badminton School Korea offers a supportive community and a clear pathway for personal and professional development. 


We have an inclusive culture that promotes, values and celebrates the diverse voice of our community. We have a strong commitment as an equal opportunities employer and encourage applications from all candidates.


Basic Qualifications


  • Holders of F visa.
  • Holders of E-2 or E-7 visa from the following countries: U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa.
  • Native English speakers with Korean citizenship.
  • A bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited university.
  • Apostilled diploma and authorized crime records.A clean self-medical health check.


Reasons to work at Badminton School Korea


Badminton School Korea is newly built and equipped with the latest facilities and systems as it enters Korea for the first time.


Covering an area of approximately 6,600 square meters, Badminton School Korea boasts a spacious and open environment as soon as you step inside. It features specialized facilities such as advanced science laboratories, music rooms and practice rooms, art rooms, and cooking labs, providing spaces where students can explore their potential and foster creativity.


In addition to rest areas and reading spaces on each floor, the school is fully equipped with indoor gyms and sports facilities, ensuring that both students and teachers can work and study in the best possible environment.


Additionally, the teachers at our school participate in a Summer Camp every year, where they can play and have fun with the children and their fellow teachers.


Badminton School Korea follows the curriculum of its parent school in the UK. Teachers only need to adhere to this curriculum, and we will do our utmost to support them in promptly adapting to any changes in the education system or curriculum.



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Badminton School Korea 2024/2025 School Year Recruitment

The Badminton School Korea Campus is starting to collect resumes from potential applicants for the 2024-2025 academic school year! We will be opening up an invitation for applicants to provide their resume to build a base of qualified and professional candidates for upcoming interviews. We welcome the resumes of educators who are eager to work in our schools and join our team. Please check the list of qualifications below and we look forward to hearing from you! Employment Qualifications • Holders of F visa. • Holders of E-2 or E-7 visa from the following countries: U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa. • Native English speakers with Korean citizenship. • A bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited university. • Apostilled diploma and authorized crime records.A clean self-medical health check. Working Conditions • Student Type: Primary • Curriculum: NISC, British Curriculum • Working Hours: 8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M (M-F) • Teaching Hours: 6 classes per day including 1 extracurricular class per year • Class Time: 50 minutes per class • Class Size: 12 students per class • Teacher Training: Provided • Teaching Staff: 9 Native English Teachers

Korea, Republic of > Gyeonggi-do > Siheung-si
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6F- 8F, 56 Eungyehosu-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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                                                                   Badminton School Korea Campus


Badminton School Korea is located in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province. Siheung is bordered by Bucheon to the north and Gwangmyeong to the east, with excellent geographical conditions allowing access to Seoul within an hour by public transportation.


Additionally, Incheon Metropolitan City is just a short distance to the west. It is home to the West Sea coastline, making it a great spot for walking or traveling along the beach.


Our campus is conveniently located near Siheung Daeya Station on the Seohae Line of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. It takes 15 minutes on foot to reach Siheung Daeya Station, and from there, you can get to Seoul within 30 minutes by subway.


The area around our campus is a newly developed city with many new apartments and buildings, making it a clean and well-organized neighborhood. As a result, you can experience a very quiet and peaceful commute.


There are numerous restaurants and cafes in the region. You can enjoy a variety of international cuisines, and there are also large parks like Eungye Lake Park where you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery.


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