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WORWICK FRANKLIN is based on prepared expertise with a long experience and philosophy.
It is an educational institution established with the goal of cultivating holistic global talents who will meet and lead globalization with passion and sincerity.

To help Worwick Franklin students to grow as global leaders, creative thinkers, and community developers, they need to have the necessary literacy and knowledge, as well as communication skills and the ability to express themselves. We will realize standardized education and customized individualized education at the same time.




WORWICK is a premium English education institution specializing in early childhood nurturing global leaders in the 21st century. Through programs suitable for each age and developmental stage, WORWICK has the ability as a child with the top 10% of learning ability.

Through the optimal educational program suitable for each age and developmental stage, we nurture bright children with the top 10% of learning ability when entering school after graduation through balanced expression of English language ability, personality, and potential.



An English-language kindergarten program for students ages 5-6. Students will develop their phonics, vocabulary skills, and recognize uppercase and lowercase letters. They will be able to write simple words composed of CVC (one-syllable words) to make simple sentences. 

An English-language kindergarten program for students ages 6-7. Reading fluency is the emphasis for students by understanding the characters (Who) and situations (Where, What, When). Students will use capital letters and periods and the development of sentence structure to write complete sentences. Past, present, and future verb tenses are taught to express experiences and thoughts to analyze stories. 

An English-language kindergarten program for students age 7. Students focus on comprehension, divide fiction/non-fiction stories, and to read analytical books. They will also learn to write long sentences by doing various writing activities. Presentation skills are emphasized to present their thoughts and opinions to others. 



Start Up Program (Basic Class): 

Students will learn from phonics textbooks and games to practice basic sight words and everyday English sentences. They will also be able to read children's book by themselves, grasp the meaning, and utter simple life sentences.


Elite Program (Intensive Class):

1st-2nd grade: Students will learn phonics, letter-sound relationships, as well as read and understand topics in kindergarten books.

2nd-3rd grade: Students will develop their communication skills and language. They will be able to summarize science and social studies text at the 2nd-grade level of an American curriculum.

4th-5th grade: Students will reinforce their communication ability. They will understand subject knowledge in English, acquire more than 250 subject-related vocabulary words, and express it through discussion classes.

5th-6th grade: Students will understand science and social studies subject knowledge in English. The objective is to score in the top group of the National Test of English Proficiency (N.E.A.T) through intensive test prep.


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Cheonan has been called "the core city of [the] nation" due to its location 83.6 km (51.9 mi) south of the national capital, Seoul, in the northeast corner of South Chungcheong, serving as a transportation hub to the Seoul Capital Area and surrounding regions. Cheonan is connected to railways and the city's Korail station serves the Gyeongbu Line and the Janghang Line, with services of the KTX. Cheonan is one of the furthest places from Seoul connected to the Seoul Subway Line 1. The KTX to Seoul only takes around 35-40 minutes. 
There are waterparks, movie theatres, professional sports teams, department stores, festivals, and many universities in Cheonan. It is a perfect blend of city and country life. 

Cheonan is known for small walnut-shaped and flavored cakes, or hodugwaja, which are produced in the area. It is common when leaving from or passing through Cheonan Station by train to see many merchants selling hodu-gwaja.

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ESL Teachers Wanted at Worwick Franklin Cheonan in Chungcheongnam-do / March 2024

1. Role and Responsibilities As a kindergarten and elementary school-age teacher, you will teach students a variety of topics in English. We focus on young learners because early childhood is the most critical time period in a child’s life to develop their learning and thinking skills as well as build their emotional and social intelligence. All children deserve the opportunity to develop their potential for a successful future. You will be responsible for the following: • Teach basic to advanced English reading, writing, speaking, and listening • Teach kindergarten students monthly themes • Guide students through a variety of topics including biology, astronomy, science, math, technology, creativity, economics, creative literature, speech, drama, and art • Follow a set North American curriculum to help children learn • Grade homework and give feedback • Provide progress reports for parents 2. Candidate Qualifications • Native English Speaker • Have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution • Holds or is eligible for the E-2 visa with USA, CA, UK, AUS, NZ, IRE or SA citizenship • F-visa holders • Apostilled Diploma and Criminal Background Check 3. Working Conditions • Student Type: Kindergarten and Elementary • Working Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. • Teaching hours: 23 - 25 hours per week • Class Time: 30 - 40 minutes per each kindergarten class, and 1 hour per each elementary class • Class Size: 8 - 10 students • Lunch: Provided. Teachers can choose not to eat lunch with students. • Teaching Staff: 7 native English teachers

Korea, Republic of
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Buldang 1-gil, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea

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