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Welcome to Wonders English Academy


"Teach students how to fall for English."

My name is Cho Jin-young, the CEO of Wonders Academy. I established Wonders English Academy to help achieve the dreams and goals of students preparing to become true global leaders in this world.

English education in Korea is operated in a unique way by each institution, such as conversational skills and education to improve test scores, but I focused on developing critical thinking skills on the basis of students' logical English writing and speaking skills.

Therefore, we focus on developing students' confidence, creativity, and logical thinking skills through active English discussions after reading in-depth books related to various literature, philosophy, and history.

The Wonders English Academy thoroughly adheres to principles that meet the educational purpose to provide an ideal educational environment for both students and teachers. I hope that the learning and experiences we have with our teachers at the Wonders English Academy will help our students' make better decisions about their lives in the future.

CEO of Wonders, Cho Jin-young.

Wonders English Academy

Wonders English Academy Facts


We don’t teach grammar or conversation Conduct classes through autonomous, active discussions Develops capabilities of a global leader

We foster critical thinking, analysis, and humanities skills through the steady reading of English/non-literature.

Small discussion classes foster cooperation and problem-solving skills through creative and logical oral training and comparison of other students' perspectives and thoughts.  Instead of focusing on entrance exams, We foster the ability to choose a bigger world.

Student & Teachers 

   Teaching Age  Class Size Teaching Hour  Teachers 
 Elementary  7-12  8 Students  50 Minutes  Natives 7
 Middle  13-14  8 Students  80 Minutes  Korean 4



Wonders Curriculum/Program

The goal of our educational curriculum/program is to improve students' English skills, reading and thinking skills at the same time, focusing on "English reading discussions." Our program is largely divided into three types.

Thinking skills development class
Students continue to read novels set by grade and level, discuss autonomously among students, and learn how to read books properly and expand their thoughts at the same time through the self-developed Reading Thinking Program.


Lessons with Wonders textbooks
In addition to reading and discussion classes, students learn general English using the Wonders textbook Common Core State Standards (CCSS) learning method.


Interest and motivation challenge class
Besides regular classes, students learn the spirit of participating and challenging themselves through events such as participating in English-speaking competitions, and Market Day.


Wonders Teacher's Testimonials

Arthur Yoo
"I most value the bright and nurturing atmosphere at Wonders English Academy. As a teacher at Wonders for the past two and a half years, I have seen students grow and thrive as they have found enjoyment in learning and a sense of accomplishment in completing tasks while gaining new skills and knowledge. It is energizing and encouraging to see happy and enthusiastic students. Admin staff and academic counselors at Wonders have also helped me to address students' needs more effectively as they have always been ready to listen to comments or concerns I've had in the past. In terms of curriculum, I most appreciate the balance between textbook-based study (anthologies and grammar books) and novel studies in our Reading Master classes. It is a study schedule that constantly engages different modes of learning (vocabulary, literary elements, inference and interpretation, standardized testing), which keeps things fresh and challenging from week to week. Study materials and quizzes are prepared in advance and provided for teachers so that lesson prep is kept at manageable levels. In every area, Wonders management and staff have provided me with what I've needed to feel prepared and confident for each lesson and class." 



Kelly Park
"While working at Wonders Academy, I had the opportunity to bring my previous English teaching experience to young children and continue to enhance the quality of my teaching skills. I was able to learn a new creative way of thinking, called observation, evidence, and questions for novels. For this practice, the students form their own opinions on the characters and plot and substantiate their findings with text evidence. Then, they ask thought-provoking and insightful questions. This way of learning allows students to become active participants, not passive learners as they interact more frequently in the advantage of the small size of classes. In addition, the director and manager think of ways to improve learning to make it more dynamic, fun, and academic for the students. By sharing ideas among the staff and teachers, we are able to improve the quality of teaching as well as the curriculum."




School and Working Environment


Wonders English Academy is located in Seocho, Gangnam, and specifically Seorae Village, Korea's representative center of education. Seorae Village is quite modern and full of French-style restaurants, cafes, and wine bars where you can enjoy a variety of cultural and community activities. You can feel a completely different atmosphere from academies located around complex shopping malls and schools.

In addition, many Korean celebrities live in Seorae Village, and the distance from Hongdae and Itaewon takes about 20 to 30 minutes, and it is also adjacent to Gangnam Express Bus Terminal and Yongsan Station, so transportation facilities are very good.





Salary & Benefits


Our salaries and benefits are competitive enough in institutions that run businesses like us. And we provide various opportunities for teachers to become a family and develop within the organization.

We provide a combination of benefits such as annual salary, housing and airline tickets, and four major insurances according to the role and experience of the teacher. Details of the working conditions that suit each person will be provided to the candidates invited to the interview.




Teacher Qualifications

Wonders English Academy teachers believe that it plays the most important role in providing the best education our students can receive. Therefore, our teachers should be more passionate, active, and above all, they should be learners themselves.
The condition of talent that we want to be with is...

• Preference for successful and relevant educational experiences in the field of teaching similar ages and subjects.
• Commitment to supporting students' social and emotional growth.
• The willingness to actively contribute to the curriculum program of the Wonders English Academy.
• Communication skills that show professionalism.
• Ability to establish cooperative relationships with all faculty members, students, and parents.
• Valid bachelor's degree, qualification, license, etc. in the relevant field.
• Valid clean criminal background record.



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Company Type


Academic Systems

Academy, Active discussions


Korea, Republic of > Seoul-si > Seocho-gu

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