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MICA exists to provide students with a quality Western-based Christian-centered education. 


The heart of our mission is to prepare global leaders for the 21st century who will joyfully live out their lives with humble mind to serve those around them and to provide students a high-quality education within a Christian environment, utilizing positive educational experiences. 


The goal of MICA education is to prove the kind of environment in which each student’s unique gifts of intellect, personality, stature and spirit are given the best opportunities for development toward maturity.

Joseph Choi, PhD
Vice Principal of MICA International Scholars



MSA-CESS is an accreditation authority recognized by all 50 states of the United States

Accreditation International is a renowned accreditation organization worldwide.

National Council for Private School Accreditation is a worldwide accreditation organization for private schools.



Our curriculum is based primarily on the standards of the U.S. educational system and include the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Advanced Placement courses from the College Board. Taught from a biblical worldview, courses are designed to challenge students academically and to help them think critically and creatively. The goal at MICA is to prepare all students academically, socially, and emotionally to enter post-secondary education in the finest universities in Korea, the USA, and worldwide. We also offer a variety or after-school activities for students to continue to develop their skills and talents.

We fully implement CCSS (Common Core State Standards). Which is a set in high-quality standards of mathematics, English Language Arts and Literature. We also practice “Lucy Calkins”, Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop daily for the literacy instruction. The goal is to prepare students for any reading and writing task they will face. MICA’s elementary courses include math, science, English, art, music, Chinese, Korean, ELL, and P.E.


The academic transition from elementary to high school is supported by professional staff that individualizes the curriculum based on students’ interests, academic skills, and standardized assessments. Students are encouraged to develop knowledge and research skills based on their personal interests tied to the US Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Middle school classes cover math, science, English, art, music, Chinese, ELL and P.E.


It is our goal to provide our students access to a diverse curriculum that provides the opportunity to individualize their course of study and to meet their objectives, needs, and interests as they prepare for their academic future. Moreover, it is our goal to provide our students with skills and knowledge necessary to succeed at top universities in the United States and around the world. To achieve this vision, MICA follows a coherent, comprehensive, and spiral curriculum based on the US Common Core State Standards (CCSS) standards. High school classes cover algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry, English, literature, world geography, art, music, Chinese, and P.E.



Location Description


Located just south of Seoul, MICA’s sprawling campus is right next to a beautiful mountain and a lake. Founded in 2013, MICA’s modern facilities provide a productive learning environment for students. As MICA is located in a more suburban area, students are encouraged to active and paly outside and connect with nature.


Recruitment and talent awards


HR Director Kim Soo-Youn

We welcome new and experienced teachers to join our team. As an accredited school, MICA is dedicated to helping students grow and learn mentally, physically, and academically.


We’re looking for educators who are passionate about impacting student lives through teaching. Our North American curriculum covers elementary to high school courses and we strive to provide the best well-rounded education to help students prepare to enter universities abroad.


Our teaching philosophy is to encourage each student to be who they want to be by helping identify and develop the strengths of each individual. We believe that a supportive environment is essential to learning as students grow, and we work hard to provide such an environment.


Recruitment of teachers.


 Mika International School semester begins around August every year. Therefore, we are looking for teachers to start in August 2022, and in addition, we frequently hire teachers with excellent capabilities for our educational environment and development. If you want to join us, please apply through the job posts be below. 



Salary & Benefits

We offer a competitive salary and excellent employee benefits with opportunities for career progression in a global organization. Through MICA International Scholars, teachers gain access to comprehensive professional development and support.


Requirement for teachers
* A bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited university.
* Meets the visa issuance requirements set by the Korean government.
* Proven competencies in designated academic fields.
* A valid certificate that includes compulsory approval or compulsory training for subjects and levels.
* Authorized crime records.


Special knowledge
* Knowledge of the assigned core subjects.
* General knowledge about curriculum and classes.
* Commitment to supporting students' social and emotional growth.
* The ability to guide students and manage their behavior.
* Strong organization, communication, and interpersonal skills.
* A willingness to actively contribute to the St. Paul curriculum program.
* Capacity to establish cooperative relationships with all faculty members, students, and parents, etc.





High School G-11 Learning Support Teacher, E-2 Visa or F visa MICA International Yongin

1. Roles and Responsibilities MICA International Scholars, an internationally accredited school, is looking for high school student learning support as below. • Who understand the higher curriculum in the United States and can sit next to a girl with special needs while teachers are teaching in English/Social Studies and Arts and Physical Education classes in G11 • Who can also support students with academic support and various support necessary for school life • It is important to form a 1:1 bond with a student and spend a lot of time with one student, so above all, a warm-hearted, sincere, communicative and patient instructor is suitable • Prefer for instructors with experience in teaching students with special needs • Write a brief report on your daily routine to parents and deliver it to them • Support not only for classes but also for the whole life of students while at school 2. Candidate Qualifications • Be eligible for an E-2 visa or have an F-visa. • Have an apostilled CBC and diploma ready. • Have a clean self-medical health check. 3. Working Conditions Working hours are described as the time you need to be present at the school. Teaching hours are the active amount of time you will be conducting classes or activities. • Working Hours: Mon – Fri 7:40 am-4:40 pm • Teaching Hours: 25 hours per week

Korea, Republic of > Gyeonggi-do > Yongin-si
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Part time tutor for MICA International Gangnam

1. Roles and Responsibilities • Help out a Grade 11 female student with special needs. • A person who has a warm heart and has experience in teaching students with special needs or has the will to teach. It is important to form a relationship with a female student with special needs because it is a 1:1 class. 2. Candidate Qualifications: • Must be Gyopo or Korean • Must be female • Must be citizens have finished their education in the US • Must have experience in English, literature, and social studies classes in the U.S. Department of Higher Education curriculum • Must have all required documents (apostilled nationwide criminal background check and an apostilled diploma from a 4-year accredited university.) • A clean self-medical health check 3. Working Conditions •Teaching Hours: 2-2.5 per day between 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM (M-F, Negotiable) •Freelancer, 3.3% Tax

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Korea, Republic of > Gyeonggi-do > Yongin-si

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