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Creverse CDI Geoje

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About Us

Creverse is one of Korea’s most renowned language institutes and research facilities. Originally founded in 1998 as CHUNGDAHM, its sole objective is to revolutionize the English education industry in South Korea when the Creverse brand was launched in 2022. 


Creverse is where you will join a team of over 1,100 foreign instructors in 120 locations across South Korea. Over 40,000 students trust Creverse to provide a unique ESL program. As an instructor, you will share the responsibility of guiding young minds and shaping bright futures.


A unique aspect of CDI is prospective students take a TOEFL test to be admitted as a student. CDI determines the best level of each student’s proficiency to place them in the appropriate course. 

CDI has implemented the use of Smart Classrooms which was a first in Korea. Smart Classrooms are a new way to improve the efficiency of English language acquisition. 


We currently have 5 native English-speaking teachers working at our academy.



CDI students’ age ranges from 4th grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of high school. CDI’s key principle is 75/25, where students speak 75% and teachers only speak 25%. Instructors focus on teaching the critical thinking element of language communication in an ESL setting. 

CDI has 7 main learning levels for the students. Our core values are for students to be able to problem-solve through cognitive/emotional creativity.


Tera – Bridge – Par – Birdie – 4 Levels

  • Holistic and Imaginary Thinking
  • Topic and Summarization (Speaking)
  • Essay and Summary (Writing)

Eagle – Albatross – Albatross + – 3 Levels 

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Persuasive Speaking and Writing
  • Knowledge management through contextualization/conceptualization

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Geoje is a city located in South Gyeongsang province, just off the coast of the port city of Busan. Geoje had a population of 243,736, 12,240 of which are foreigners (non-Koreans). A significant portion of the population depends on shipbuilding to support their livelihood, and this can be evidenced by the fact that nearly 33% of workers are employed in the shipbuilding industry. Geoje offers a variety of attractions and visitors visit by ferry boat from the harbor neighboring the islands. Geoje is the second largest island in Korea, so discovering these locations is most easily done using a tourist map. 


Geoje experiences a temperate climate, and temperatures reaching below zero degrees Celsius in winter are frequent from December to February. However, the island is kept relatively warm by the influence of warm ocean currents


Geoje City Official Website


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ESL Teacher Wanted at Creverse CDI Geoje

1. Role and Responsibilities As a teacher at Creverse, you will follow a set curriculum and lesson plans, but also have the freedom to incorporate your own learning materials to increase student engagement in the classroom. With integrated online learning, Creverse offers you a smarter way to teach! Whether it's your first-year teaching or you're an experienced teacher, Creverse provides you with teacher support and training. Responsibilities • Guide students through projects that focus on a variety of integrated subjects such as video production and AR • Teach small class sizes using integrated technology in your classroom • Share teaching materials via Teacher's Portal, an integrated online learning system connected to each branch 2. Candidate Qualifications • Native English Speaker • Have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution • Holds or is eligible for the E-2 visa with USA, CAN, UK, AUS, NZ, IRE, or SA citizenship • F-visa holders • Apostilled Diploma and Criminal Background Check • Must be physically and mentally healthy 3. Working Conditions • Student Type: Kindergarten and Elementary • Curriculum: Curriculum and lesson plans provided • Working Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:30 A.M. - 7:00 P.M. • Teaching Hours: 30 classes per week • Class Time: 55 minutes per class • Class Size: 15 students per class • Teacher Training: Must pass 1-week training at HQ before the contract starts • Teaching Staff: 5 Native English Teachers, 5 Korean Teachers

Korea, Republic of > Gyeongsangnam-do > Geoje-si
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