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Welcome to CANB English Gangseo Campus!


CANB offers an amazing learning experience by providing the Digilog classroom and interactive digital learning environment, as well as the dynamic learning system that integrates online and offline learning.


Students at CANB get to experience books, media, and digital resources, allowing for immersive and growth-oriented learning.


CANB students go beyond simply reading texts; they develop deep literacy skills, which involve understanding texts and reinterpreting them in their own language.


They also cultivate confident production skills, enabling them to express themselves logically and fluently in English.


Through processes of reading, speaking, presenting, and debating, students at CANB experience empathy, communication, persuasion, understanding, decision-making, and problem-solving.


CANB introduces a new ESL program that unleashes the infinite potential of our children. As a forward-thinking English education brand for the digital-native generation, CANB strives to enhance students' core competencies and nurture them into key talents of the 21st century.


We are looking for qualified teachers who are passionate in teaching young learners !

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 Immersive Learning
Elementary and Middle  



CANB's curriculum is based on geometric concepts and is structured into three modules, seven groups, and sixteen levels. With CANB's unique curriculum, children's logical and linguistic thinking skills, as well as their English expression abilities, undergo significant transformation from the foundation to mastery.


Through the systematic progression of modules, groups, and levels, CANB provides a comprehensive learning experience that ensures students develop a solid foundation in English and advance their language skills to higher levels. The curriculum is designed to enhance students' logical thinking abilities, enabling them to approach language learning in a structured and analytical manner. Additionally, CANB focuses on developing students' English expression skills, allowing them to confidently articulate their thoughts and ideas in English.


With CANB's curriculum, students are empowered to think critically, communicate effectively, and excel in English. The unique structure and approach of the curriculum provide a solid framework for students to develop their language abilities and achieve success in their English learning journey.


Penta (1,2)
Basic Literacy
Phonics, Stories, Phonics in Reading, Speaking
Hexa (1,2)
Communication Ability
Reading, Novel Studies, Musical, Speaking
Hepta (1,2)
Linguistic Competence
Reading, Novel Studies, Speaking, Grammar
Octa (1,2,3)
Pragmatic Competence
Reading with Project Writing, Nonfiction Studies, Novel Studies, Presentation with Conversation / Paragraph Writing with Conversation, Grammar
Nona (1,2,3)
Academic Competence
Reading with Summary Writing, Novel Studies, Newspaper, Listening, Debate with Conversation / Essay Writing, Grammar
Deca (1,2)
Critical Competence
Reading with Academic Writing , World History / Science, TED Listening & Speaking, Grammar
Hendeca (1,2)
Strategic Competence
Critical Reading & Writing, TED Reading & Debate, TOEFL Speaking / Writing, Grammar


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Afternoon English Teacher Wanted at CanB in Gangseo-gu, Seoul / November-December 2023

1. Role and Responsibilities As an English subject teacher, you will help the students prepare for exams and create a comforting learning environment. You will be responsible for the following: • Teach basic to advanced English reading, writing, speaking, and listening • Actively engage students in the learning process. • Plan and use appropriate instructional and learning strategies, activities, materials, and equipment that reflect an understanding of the learning styles and needs of students. • Recognize the needs of individual students and the entire group. • Offer support and flexibility as needed. • Utilize technology to strengthen the teaching/learning process. • Participate in professional development activities that are aligned with the assigned curriculum and the varied needs of students •Grade homework and give feedback 2. Candidate Qualifications All candidates must: • Native English Speaker • Have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution • Holds or is eligible for the E-2 visa with USA, CAN, UK, AUS, NZ, IRE, or SA citizenship • F-visa holders • Apostilled Diploma and Criminal Background Check • Must be physically and mentally healthy. 3. Working Conditions • Student Type: Elementary and Middle • Curriculum: Curriculum and lesson plans provided. • Working Hours: 2:00 pm-10:00 pm or 1:30 pm - 9:30 pm (M-F) • Teaching Hours: 5-6 classes per day • Prep Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm • Class Time: 45 minutes per class • Class Size: 12 students per class • Teacher Training: Provided • Teaching Staff: 5 Native English Teachers

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