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Company Name: Summit Edu

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Education > Language center
Education Level
Bachelor's Degree
Career Level
Start Date
English: Native / Korean: Native

Job Description

We currentry looking for Part,Half,Full time/Short-term/Special date teachers

# Job Opportunity

 Seoul,Suseo,Seungnam,young,Incheon,Suwon,Ansan area.
date: Full time: 9-5pm/10-6pm/1-6pm /2.0-2.4million.

         Part time: Mon-Friday(10-12pm) / 1-4pm. 
         pay: per 35,000-45,000 won / experence teaching teachers. 



**Santa special class: 23th 10-1pm /Misamgeuri st area/perday 120,000won.

                                    24th: 10-12.30pm/Bonghwasan area./100,000won.


*Full time: 1.Suseo area(E2,F5,F6)-English Kindergaden.

                    Mon-Friday  10-4pm /Monthly2.2million.


                  2.Suwon area(E2,F5,F6)-Elementry.

                    Mon-Friday  2-7.30pm /Monthly2.2-2.3million,Housing allwance400,000won.(availabel flexible)


                 3.Yongin area 9-6pm

                  Mon-Friday  9-6pm /Monthly2.2-2.3million, Housing allwance400,000won.


* location: Suwon youngtong area 

                    date: Wed 2.30-5.30pm/per40,000won.

*location: Gangnam st area 

      date: Mon:12-2pm/Wed: 12-1.30pm/per40,000won.


 *location: Suseo area

 date: Mon-Thu 10-12 pm./per40,000won.


*location: Yongsan area /per40,000won.
 date:Mon-Thu 10-12pm.


*location: Yongsan area/per40,000won.

  date: Tue,Thu 12-1.30pm/per40,000won.


*location: Gangil st area(near Guri area)

date: Friday 12.30-2.30pm / per 40,000 won


*location: Gimpo area 

date: Mon-Friday perweek2days 12.30-2.30pm (time flexible) / per40,000won.


*location: Yongin area(Morning/afternoon)

date: Tue or Wed 10.30-11.30pm/per40,000won

date: Wed 12-2pm / Fri 12-2.20pm / per 40,000 won


*location: Suwon  area 

date: Perweek 1day 12-1pm/  per 40,000 won


*location: Ilsan area

date: Mon-Fri 10.30-12pm / per40,000won

date: Friday 1-2.30pm/per40,000won.


*location: Bundang / Yongin / Gwangju area

date: Mon, Wed / Tue, Thu 12-2pm / per 35,000 won


*location: Suwon, Ansan, Oido St area

date: Mon, Wed, Fri 12-2pm / per 40,000 won


*location: Gangnam St area (Korean-American)

 date: 10-4pm (per week three-school) / per 40,000 won


*location: 1)Yongin Suji area
                   date: Mon-Fri 9-5pm / monthly 2.3M won

               2) Yongin Suji area

                   date: Mon-Fri 9.30-4.30pm (3 days), 9.30-2.40pm (2 days) / monthly 2.2M won


*location: Songpa, Pangyo area

date: Tue 1-3pm / per 40,000 won


*location: Ilsan St area

date: Mon or Fri 12-1pm / per 35,000 won


*location: Hagye St area (line 7)

date: 2 days per week (except Wed)

part time: 10.20-12.20pm


*location: Gwangju area

date: 12.30-2.30pm / per 35,000 won


*location: Suwon, Ansan, Yongin, Gwangju area

date: 2 days per week / 10-12 / 12.30-2.30pm


*location: Ansan, Suwon, Oido St area (line 4)

date: Fri 10-12pm / 12.40-2.40pm / per 35,000 won



**Full time position**

1. Class information: Mon-Fri 10-6pm / 2-6pm / 2-8pm (teaching 30 hours)

2. Option: housing or housing allowance

after 1 year bonus, 10 days paid vacation

round ticket airfare, health insurance

salary 2.1-2.5M won


**Company, Private, Part-time position**

location: Seoul, Bundang area / Group, tutoring / payment per 35,000 won

level: Basic Kindergarden-Adults speaking



If you are interested in this,please send me your resume,recnt photo,eactly available date,time.please.

and please refer to what position you apply for.



Kakao talk: blessing1221


Best regards

Manager: Anna 010-3153-3897






















How to apply

Contact Information

Primary Phone Number: 01031533897

Secondary Phone Number: 01031533897


Contact Person: Anna

Summit Edu

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Summit Edu
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